Monday, April 29, 2013

Pre-loved and Brand New Bags for SALE

Bags, like shoes, are loved by women because of this reason:
1. Unlike clothes, women never out-grow their purses. Whether you gain or lose weight, you can still use your purses.

2. Women get depressed when they could no longer fit their most favorite clothes, but bags never give that same feeling. As long as the bag looks good and not falling apart, you can still use it.

3. Purses are also women's version of their "house-on-the-go". They feel comfortable and at ease knowing that all their necessities right on their shoulders.

And since, I got so many purses in my closet (some I don't use) I'm letting go some of them. It's so hard but I have to, to make room for more new purses lol!

Mostly Designer , Branded, Vintage and other No Brand but imported purses from Europe, etc.

For more details and individual photos kindly visit my
Instagram Shop : ETSETERA CLOSET

and you might find something you like. Thanks You!

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