Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The HEAT is ON

Top: Samau Boutique
Shorts: Greenhills
Earrings: Viennois
Necklace: Accessorize
Bangles: Bazaar Finds
Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

Oh! Summer is just around the corner, I can already feel the warmth of the heat. It's a lazy wednesday for me. I can't think of anything to wear. Yes, I'm lazy pa with this outfit (hahaha). I'm going to see my friend, and we're goin' on a "Street Food" Trip. She's craving to eat fishballs, one-day olds, fried lumpia etc. I wanted to eat too so we decided to meet-up. With my look, I like this Sleeveless Top because it's color is so pleasant to the eyes. I can wear it loose or tuck it in. I just paired it with my little black shorts to match my JC booties. I love booties so much, just like when I'm in highschool or college where I used to wear them a lot with a dress or shorts. Finally, accessories to complete my look, Oh! I forgot to take a shot of my earrings. They're my new cutie furry and spotty friend. OK I'm supposed to wear this outfit except for the shoes, but when my friend told me that we'll just eat at the kanto, I changed my outfit and just wore my pambahay look...hahaha! :)

My Ma "ARTI" is-tic Side

As you all know, I don't only love sewing but I also love
 everything about ARTS & CRAFTS..." I Like to make BUTING-TING EVERYTHING"...So, here are some of the things I did for my kids (school projects, etc). I make everything from scratch and with Labor of Love of course! I thank GOD for giving me such a wonderful talent and I will always continue sharing it with my family, friends and with other people.

Here's my own version of Michael Jackson's sequined gloves. My son (Tim-tim) used it on his 7th Birthday. He's a die-hard fan of  The King of Pop. I sew the sequins individually. I think it took me more than 12hours of sewing. That's a lot of effort and patience to me. But, when I finished it it's all worth it. My son was very happy and doesn't want to take it off.

My oldest son (Tam-tam's) ROBOT PROJECT made from shoebox, toothpaste box, soap box, bottle caps, notebook spiral and buttons. I wrapped it in aluminum foil and add some details to make it look really Robotic. 

Tim-tim's GOAT MASK that he used in his school play. At first, I don't know how to do it. So I google pictures of a goat and then I draw and colored it to make it look realistic. 

Another Mask Project, This time it's a DUCK. It's supposed to be a duck beak only, I had a hard time molding it, so I just made a whole duck face. What do you think? Quack..Quack!

Finally, this WOOVEN SLIPPER PROJECT for Tam-tam made of old folder, colored paper and buttons. I'm supposed to make a boy slippers, but I can't think of any designs to put. Girls slippers are more easy to make. Just add some flower details or heart and it will look cute like this.

I really enjoyed when I'm making Art Project for my kids. It really brings out the Artistic Side of me. I am so blessed that I have this talent. Sometimes, I get all my inspirations from other DIY projects I see on TV, books or on other blogs. I know that it's not really that hard doing them. Just bring out your creativity and have fun. Afterall, whatever We do is all a WORK OF ART and that's something We have to be proud of. ~ xoxo TSE

Do-It-Myself Dressmaking Projects

I always wanted to be a Fashion Designer and Dressmaker, I think I took the wrong course which is Hotel and Restaurant Management... I never really know how to cook. Maybe I know some like pa-fry-fry and with sabaw (hahaha). Anyway, as what I've said, I'm a frustrated dressmaker, I'm so interested when I see dressmakers make clothes, they're so talented. So, I challenged myself that I'll be making my own clothes too from scratch...hahaha! Well, here are some of what I did. Yes, I was the one who sew this clothes, believe me!

This is my Do-It-Myself Sheer Maxi Skirt.  You can put a black shorts in it or just wear it as a cover-up when you go swimming or just walking around the beach. It's double purpose.hehehe.

I wore it during our swimming at Anvaya Cove, Morong Bataan last December 28, 2011. Here I am making fun of myself , I wanted to make a jumpshot hehehe.

This one is my Mullet Skirt. It's a perfect outfit for a Party or Formal Occassions.  I paired it with my bodysuit top and I put  this sequined belt for added detail and also sparkly shoes.

I found this cute fabric and it's only P20.00/yard, it's so afforadble, right??? me too can't believe it... At first I thought what will I do with it, then I realized it's only P20 why not buy it. I just lyk the cute colorful print detail, I guess, it's suppose to say "LOUBOUTIN" without the "LOU", it became "BUOTIN" only... hahaha!
Oh! Yah, I'm really a Dressmaker Wanna-Be (lol)...while sewing this top, I asked my mom to take a picture of me...para my konting effect NAMAN...LOL! Oh, how I love sewing...It makes me feel I'm like I'm the girl version of DA VINCCI while painting his work of ART, on the other side... It's ME sewing my work of ART hehehe! :)

Feeling Project Runway lang. Why not? there's no harm in trying, right?


I paired this colorful top with this pleated skirt to create a girly-girly look and with my pink heels... my inspiration for this look parang si barbie lang hahaha :)

Look No.2: WHAT's with the SOCKS???
I really don't know (hahaha!) I just found them in my drawer, it's been a long time since i wear socks... feeling highschool lng and peg ko dito...pa-tweetums! LOL! :)

Look No.3: SHAWTY!!!

Now, without the socks na, that's more like it...i felt more comfortable...hahaha... nainitan ung feet ko sa socks...hahaha...Anyways, with this look nmn, just paired it with this black shorts and a simple accessories...and I'm ready to GO! 


Since crop pants are IN right now, I just thought this look will also make my Top stand-out. If you don't want to show-off your legs, I this look will be nice. Simple yet Catchy... and finished it off with metallic gold pumps for additional effect-ness:)

What was I thinking??? hahaha... I was looking for a skirt in my closet when I found this petticoat, which I transformed into a TUTU Skirt...Well I guess my look turned-out cute, right? Feeling SJP from Sex&the City2, or White Swan with a Twist, or Betsey Johnson or Tessa Prieto and drama ko dito...Hahaha! Watever it is...I kinda lyk my look and I love my sequined shoes too, I never thought I had them in my closet, kya mabinyagan nga!hehehe...As what others say... We just need to have an OPEN MIND when it comes to FASHION. The Result can be SURPRISING :)

Look No.5: DRESS or NOT???

I removed my tutu skirt, and jaraann!!! My Top became a short dress...O di'ba? Instant...LOL! I just have wear something underneath ... or else I don't wan't to see eyes staring at me...heheh! :)

Now you see what I can do with just One Top, I was able to pull-off different looks.
Well, I hope you like my Do-It-Myself Dressmaking Projects. You do not need to be a professional dressmaker to make your own clothes, don't be afraid to explore your talent like what I did. I never study dressmaking in my whole life, I just watch my mom when she alter my clothes and asked her how did she do it. And now, I was able to sew my own clothes out of my curiosity... and I'm enjoying and loving it. Tata! Until my next Do-It-Myself dressmaking project. ~ xoxo TSE

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ready to RAMPAGE

I'm going to watch a CAR SHOW with my sister-in-law and the kids, wearing this (LOL) why not! hehehe. While waiting for her, I asked my son Tam-tam to take a picture of me. Nakuha din sa pilit. Well, as for my outfit...This is my " I never think about it look" or "Bahala na Look"...(hahaha). Actually, It's my mini dress and I just layered this sheer maxi skirt... As usual, for extra effectness... Feeling ko Ra-rampage ako l8r with the cars...hahaha and since, it's a little bit hot, i don't wanna toast my legs.LOL! I just add this lime color belt for a li'l cinch on my waist and accessories to complete my RAMPAGE look...Now, I'm ready for the runway, ayy! carshow pla...hehehe :)

So, Here's our Fabulous Ride... It's my first time to ride a Porsche... It's so COOL and super fast... My sister-in-law is driving 160 kms/hr but it's like 60 kms/hr only from San Fernando to Angeles City, It's 20mins only I think? I'm still enjoyin' the ride but we already arrived at Marquee Place, Angeles City. Awww! sayang (hehehe)... 

My brother-in-law's vintage car. He loves Vintage or Muscle car so much. This is one of his collection it's a Dodge Challenger and my sister-in-law gave it to him... BONGGACIOUS her! If I'm a Shoe-a-holic Addict, I think he's a Vintage Car Addict (LOL)... Oh well, what can we do? We all have our own Passions and Obsessions, right?

Me and my three kulilit kiddos (Tam-tam, Tim-tim and Ton-ton) :) Yah! I have three boys. Who would have thought these are my kids (hahaha). I'm a proud Mama, my kids are my priceless gift from God, and they give me joy and inspiration. Although sometimes, they're super duper likot and kulit and they're getting on my nerves. But, as what other people say, "that's why they're kids".... OK fine.

With my mother-in-law (Jeng) and little sis-in-law (Choi-choi) ... I know, she's young (hehehe). My real mother-in-law (Mama Beth +) past away more than15years ago. Sad I never met her. My sis-in-law said that she was very, very, very Kind. And now, we have a new mother-in-law (hihihi) and we click :). My Father-in-law is "Grooving-groovy" as what we call him (hahaha), so of course, he gotta to find us a Groovy Mother-in-law too.  

Me, Jeng (center) and my sis-in-law ate Mymy. I'm glad too, that she's always with me when I need help and she's my shoulder to cry on when I'm feeling senti-ness sometimes (hahaha). Here we are, sitting pretty na lang while waiting for our food to arrive.

Of course, the bonding will not be complete without Family Pics, right? 

Dress: People are people
Skirt: H&M
Sunnies: BEBE
Belt: SM Accessories
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Wedge: Boutique

 It was a long day for us, it's so hot and tiring but it's all worth it. We all enjoyed the carshow, especially our kids who went shopping with their Lolo Mario. We we're joking me, Jeng, and Ate Mymy if Papa will also treat us for shopping (hehehe). Anyway, what could be more fun than spending your time with your loved ones. It's priceless, right?  ~ xoxo TSE

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Day at the Farm

Ok...I'm supposed to wear shorts and t-shirt, the usual ON-THE-GO look, but I changed my mind (hehehe)... I know, I'm going to our friends farm, well, I wanted to wear this outfit (why not!), I'm loving this royal blue pants with the yellow belt... I like to experiment with colors now, not my usual pinky-pink outfit...

I liked the vibrant color of this pants because I can pair it with any top, combined with this Yellow belt makes it even more stand out.

This pants fit me well, as you can see I have a very petite body, others might think since I'm petite I can wear anything, but sometimes I also have a hard time buying clothes especially if the size is already extra small or small and still it big on me... Oh! and it's heartbreaking.

To make my look Chic, I wore this printed black top and some accessories. To complete my Farm Look (LOL), I wore this nude wedge so I won't look small with the pants and of course for extra height too(hehehe). I just need to be careful when walking or else I'll get "tisod" (stumble)LOL...Good thing, I know how to balance myself, and I have to stand for I what I wear, right!... (Panindigan ko tlga ang nka-heels sa farm) hahaha! That's ME :)

Arriving at the farm with my husband (Tan-tan) and son (Tim-tim) and our friend Rodi. Awww! Candid shot!
This is their Bongacious Far House in the middle of the Fish Pond. My kids enjoyed going here because they were able to go fishing and boating, luckily they were able to catch a tilapia but the baby ones only, so they freed them back to the pond. They're kawawa nmn.

Dinner Time with (Left) Jerome , Me , Tan-tan, Rodi and Jo. 

 Me and Jo (Rodi's wife), We were chatting the whole night that I didn't realized it's time for us to go home na. "Napa-sarap ang chika" hehehe. And, it was nice meeting her :)

Top: Greenhills
Pants: Tops and Totes
Earrings: Accessorize
Necklace: Ninewest
Belt: Tops and Totes
Wedge: Boutique

It was really fun going to the farm. It's very calm, quiet and relaxing, and so close to nature. When I grow old, I dream of having my own Farm House with lots of fruit bearing trees, so that when I want to go away with everything, I'll just stay in my farm hahaha! (why not? there's nothing wrong in dreaming , as what others say "When you Dream... Make it Big, right? hehehe. 
xoxo TSE   

Monday, February 20, 2012

Yellow to GO!

I'm not really fond of the color yellow, All my friends know, I'm a PINK Addict, but when I saw this Top, It catches my attention. What I liked about it is that it has this cute owl print on it. It's material is made of chiffon so I can wear it even without an Inner top. 

I just paired it with my Black High-waist shorts and I put this salmon colored belt to give my waist some cinch.

Of course! An Outfit will not be complete without Accessories.

 I'm on my emote-emote shot...LOL!

I loved this wedge shoes. What's good about them is that, even if they are high they don't hurt my feet. They're from Charlotte Russe, I love CR brand, they got tons of fashionable Outfits and shoes too, at an affordable price of course!

I wore this outfit going to the mall with my Aunt, but I just changed my wedges into flats so I can walk for long hours. Otherwise, I'll be " Beauty is Pain" or "Tiis Ganda" (hahaha!)

Lastly, I wanted to take a picture with this Vintage Car Hehe!

Top: Samau Boutique
Shorts: G-Boutique
Belt: SM Accessories
Bangles: SM Accessories
Wedge: Charlotte Russe

I think it's about time to experiment with colors. Just like our colorful world and colorful life. I know that playing with them will make you look fresh, confident and pretty. Just be creative and brave and have fun. ~ xoxo TSE