Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Day at the Farm

Ok...I'm supposed to wear shorts and t-shirt, the usual ON-THE-GO look, but I changed my mind (hehehe)... I know, I'm going to our friends farm, well, I wanted to wear this outfit (why not!), I'm loving this royal blue pants with the yellow belt... I like to experiment with colors now, not my usual pinky-pink outfit...

I liked the vibrant color of this pants because I can pair it with any top, combined with this Yellow belt makes it even more stand out.

This pants fit me well, as you can see I have a very petite body, others might think since I'm petite I can wear anything, but sometimes I also have a hard time buying clothes especially if the size is already extra small or small and still it big on me... Oh! and it's heartbreaking.

To make my look Chic, I wore this printed black top and some accessories. To complete my Farm Look (LOL), I wore this nude wedge so I won't look small with the pants and of course for extra height too(hehehe). I just need to be careful when walking or else I'll get "tisod" (stumble)LOL...Good thing, I know how to balance myself, and I have to stand for I what I wear, right!... (Panindigan ko tlga ang nka-heels sa farm) hahaha! That's ME :)

Arriving at the farm with my husband (Tan-tan) and son (Tim-tim) and our friend Rodi. Awww! Candid shot!
This is their Bongacious Far House in the middle of the Fish Pond. My kids enjoyed going here because they were able to go fishing and boating, luckily they were able to catch a tilapia but the baby ones only, so they freed them back to the pond. They're kawawa nmn.

Dinner Time with (Left) Jerome , Me , Tan-tan, Rodi and Jo. 

 Me and Jo (Rodi's wife), We were chatting the whole night that I didn't realized it's time for us to go home na. "Napa-sarap ang chika" hehehe. And, it was nice meeting her :)

Top: Greenhills
Pants: Tops and Totes
Earrings: Accessorize
Necklace: Ninewest
Belt: Tops and Totes
Wedge: Boutique

It was really fun going to the farm. It's very calm, quiet and relaxing, and so close to nature. When I grow old, I dream of having my own Farm House with lots of fruit bearing trees, so that when I want to go away with everything, I'll just stay in my farm hahaha! (why not? there's nothing wrong in dreaming , as what others say "When you Dream... Make it Big, right? hehehe. 
xoxo TSE   

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