Thursday, February 28, 2013

Animal Instinct

 Knitted Top : From Hongkong
Shorts : Boo's Jeans
Earrings & Belt : Forever 21
Sunnies : Miblas Boutique
Watch : Lanvin (Paris)
Bag : Christian Dior
Booties : From Hongkong

Summer is fast approaching and I simply couldn't be more thrilled. I can already feel the scorching heat of the sun. Anyway, I'm really so excited for it and I can't wait to wear bikinis and go to the beach, outings with my family and friends, and have a lot of fun on the sun (Hahaha!). 

Here are Some Essential Things 
that every girl needs this summer:

A bikini, & many trips to the beach. Everyone needs a great swimsuit!

Flower Crowns. They add definite pizazz to any outfit.

Wonderful hats. Ideal on bad hair days, perfect when it’s windy, & invaluable when you actually don’t want anyone to see your face!

Arm Parties. Layer them up with a watch & mix and match several pieces on your wrist.

Cute tank tops to tuck into high-waisted skirts.

Denim Shorts. An essential piece of summer clothing which can be worn with almost anything.

MAXI's. Don’t be afraid of the maxi-dress or skirt. They are wonderful, elegant & flattering, no matter your height.

A bright, colourful headscarf for disguising bad hair days. You can cover your entire head with it, fold it into a thin strip & wear like a headband, or even twist it up into a turban style.

Feather earrings. What could be more definitive of summer than a pair of feather earrings? 

 A pair of t-strap heels. They’re perfect with sundresses & best of all, they’ll stay on your feet!

A fantastic pair of sunglasses. Not only are they the ultimate fashion accessory, they also stop you from constantly squinting your eyes, which means (theoretically?!) that you will be less crinkle-eyed as you age!

A bright satchel to carry your essentials. Banish your black handbag to the back of the closet because for summer, you need a bright, light bag for toting around your knick-knacks.

Comfy Flats.A pair of flats can easily see through a dressy event in style. Look for enigmatic materials, like patent leather, suede, satin or snakeskin or with embellishments.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boho Rocks!

Top : from Jakarta (gift from @fabstuffsmanila)
Shorts : Levi's (DIY)
Belt : Valentino
Bracelets : Accessorize
Watch : Citizen 
Fedora : Mingo Boutique (Macau)
Fringe Bag : from USA
Shoes : Sole Desire

Bohemian fashion style has all the funky elements and the exotic zing of fashion – creating a rich cocktail of casual, hippie 70s style and ethnic along with vintage. There's no surprise why this look is so appealing to us.

"It's COOL. HIP. And definitely FEMININE.. In a rugged and effortless way!"

With my look, I went for a Casual Rock Chic with touch of Bohemian Class. I wore this cutie top which I got from one of my clients online (@ fabstuffsmanila). She's so sweet and she sent me this (Super Thanks!Sissy *wink*). Honestly, I've never been to Jakarta, Indonesia but maybe soon I could also visit that place and I'll include that in my bucket list (hehehe!). Anyway just by wearing this cutie top, I'll just pretend that I've been there already (just pretend owkei LOL!).  To add glam and rock to my look, I wore this denim shorts which I DIY. I transformed my old shorts and distressed it and added metal studs into it. Sometimes, it only takes a little creativity and resourcefulness for you to reinvent old clothes and add some patience too. And for some bohemian touch, I added this fringe bag which spruce up my outfit in an instant. And lastly, I finished off my look with these earthy colored heels.

Well, that's it! Until my next post :)

Monday, February 25, 2013


Top/Dress : Jenny Brand
Earrings : Accessorize
Sunnies : From Hongkong
Bag : Celine (Macadam Canvas)
Heels : Sole Desire

Sometimes I also feel bad about being petite/skinny (You think I'm so lucky! kala nyo ha?  LOL!), I'm so frustrated to gain weight but what can I do. My body is by no means perfect but I accept and embrace it. I think there are advantages and disadvantages to every body type and that each one is beautiful in their own way. Aside from that, what I love about being "Petite" is that I can save money from buying clothes and I can wear a top into a dress in an instant or fit into everything even children's clothes (hahaha!). And the privilege of wearing gigantic platforms and high heels. 

Everybody has their own challenges ...short or tall , the first thing that comes through is the person's ability to feel good in their own skin. For ME, " BEAUTY IS NOT IN THE SIZE, IT'S WHAT IN THE INSIDE THAT MATTERS" (but I still wish that someday I'll still gain even just a few pounds hahaha!) :)