Friday, February 08, 2013

Day 2 ~ Touchdown SAGADA!

After our non-stop camwhoring in Banaue, we traveled for another 4 hours going to Sagada, Mountain Province. But first, we made a quick stopover to Bontoc Province and had our lunch there and took some (but of course) pictures at the municipal hall.

 Afterwards, we finally reached our destination which was Sagada. We arrived at 3pm and then headed down to our hotel which was St. Joseph's Resthouse. After doing some quick freshen up, we headed downtown and start exploring the place. Time was too precious for us so we made sure that every second counts and make the most out it. It was surprising that day, it was their town's fiesta and that's why there were a lot of people and vendors and ukay-ukay's (thrift shop) nearby. 

Then, our first adventure began. Our first stop was the hanging coffins. It was like a 30 minute trek so it's really advisable to wear comfortable shoes. It was kinda scary at first because you'll be walking at the side of the cliff and the road was too tiny. If you have "Batophobia" (Fear of heights), better think twice first if you really want to have a glimpse of the coffins. Some of my friends were brave enough to see the coffins up-close but others including me preferred to wait for them (in short "we chicken out") and enjoyed our pictorial instead hahaha! I don't have fear of heights really. As a matter of fact I enjoyed riding roller coasters and other extreme rides but when I went to see the coffins, I was really so scared. I thought that somebody might push me and I'll fall-off the cliff(LOL). Well that's just my wild imagination though. 

After our adventures at the hanging coffins we headed straight to the Yoghurt House and had our sumptuous dinner and then we went back at St. Joseph's Resthouse and of course had our party party time hahaha!

Up next, the highlight of our Sagada Adventure which I'll be blogging next... so please stand by. Bye for now! 

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