Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Day 1 ~ Banaue Getaway with Team Manipis

The take-off

View from the road (a lot of zig-zags

"Mabuhay! Banaue"

With my only Twitart for life (hahaha!)

Meet my crazy friends, Team Manipis camwhoring in the middle of the road.

An authentic Ifugao Hut

Inside our super cutie hut

it's dinner time!

Good Morning Banaue! So foggy-ness! Nice view of The Rice Terraces

It's breakfast time

Ready for my photoshoot. Presenting the Banaue Winter outfit collection hahaha!

Goofing around

Sweet naman! Ehem

"Welcome to Paradise" 

Finally, Group shots before heading on our next destination which is Sagada!Yehey!

 Last week, my friends (Team Manipis) as what we call our group and I, made a 4-days and 3-nights vacation. And our first stop on our list was Banaue, Mountain Province. We left Pampanga at around 6am and we arrived at Banaue at 2pm so it was like a 8 hour trip. It was a long journey though and then we even got lost because we couldn't find our place to stay, and sometimes what took our journey so long was that a lot of stopovers and what else! Non-stop picture taking from the road. Obviously, we were all excited(hahaha!). Then we headed into Native Village Inn where we had an overnight stay. 

The moment I saw the place (Native Village Inn) it was so beautiful and it's really like paradise. Actually, the weather was not that cold but I still felt it especially during the night. We stayed in an Ifugao Hut (isn't that cool?) I was so excited to sleep for the first time, at least I had experienced staying in a real Ifugao hut and felt that I was really in Banaue(LOL!). From outside you can see the view of the Banaue Rice Terraces. It was magnificent! It's really a 7 Wonders of the World.

The next morning, we had our sumptuous breakfast and the food served at Native Village was delicious and the staffs were all accommodating even if we had too many requests they didn't even complain. We even met the owner and she's super nice and friendly too.

I really had a wonderful time staying in Banaue and also at the Native Village Inn. If you're planning for a Banaue trip don't forget to stay at the Native Village Inn. I definitely recommend it and it's really worth staying for.

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