Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Color so Bright

Oops! My veins are popping-out(hehehe)

Top : The Pink Shop
Shorts : PushThru
Earrings : Viennois
Necklace : DIY
Bangles : eTSEtera Boutique
Handbag : Laundry by Shelli Segal
Shoes : Boutique

Bright Colors are back in style that's why I'm totally digging them IN. What I like about bright colors is that they are Bold, Fun and not Boring at all.

With my look, I wore this colorful top, I love the color combination and how they pop-out, I paired it with this high-waisted shorts which I love too because it fits me so perfectly, then added some accessories and finished off with my nude sandals. 

xoxo ~ TSE :)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pool Side GLAM (part 2)

Floral Dress : Infinite Clothing
Sunnies : Bebe
Earrings : South Sea Pearl
Bracelets : Silay Accessoria
Handbag : Longchamp
Flats : Syrup U.S.A

OK! This is the Part-Two of my Instant photo-shoot(hahaha!) during our overnight stay at Hotel Vida with my kids while my Twitart was enjoying the Marloboro Excellerate Event at Clark Speedway. Though the rain poured that day, I thought I wouldn't be able to snap photos by the poolside while my kids are busy swimming. And, I'm fortunate enough that the rain stopped. Thank GOD! (hihih). So, I won't let this opportunity to pass-by without taking some photos. Thanks again to my friend(Dalsa) for the lovely shots.

On to my look, since I'm by the poolside my floral dress matches the nice view of the hotel. What I like about this dress is that it's very chic, comfy and girly. I just added this braided belt to cinch my waist and finished it off with my cutie flats so that I could walk easily while I watched my kids swim.

So, that's it for my Pool Side Glam shots. Until next time.

xoxo~ TSE :)