Saturday, May 05, 2012

Lazy Saturday

Dress: From Zhuhai Mall China
Wedge: Sole Desire
 Handbag: From my Tita Lou
 Earrings: Diva 
Necklace: Bazaar Finds 

Attended the Saturday anticipated mass with my family. My plan A was to wear a Blouse and Pants only, but since our church is not aircon anymore (due to cost cutting hehehe) and it'll be freakin' hot, I switched to my plan B and wore this Chiffon floral dress instead which I bought during my trip to Macau and China. Whenever we go to Macau for a vacation, I see to it that we'll also visit China(ZHUHAI Mall) to go shopping since it's only a border away from Macau. I loved to go shopping there 'coz they have so many fashionable and unique stuffs at affordable prices. And that's where I bought this dress. What I liked about this dress aside from its Bold prints, is that it's so feminine, girly and a great way to add color. So, this is it, for my instant Girly-girly effect. If you plan on going on a vacation to Macau, try to visit Zhuhai Shopping Mall in China, and believe me shopping is so fantabulous and you almost want to buy everything there.

Well, that's it for my lazy saturday outfit. Until then! TATA!

xoxo ~ TSE :)

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