Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Color so Bright

Oops! My veins are popping-out(hehehe)

Top : The Pink Shop
Shorts : PushThru
Earrings : Viennois
Necklace : DIY
Bangles : eTSEtera Boutique
Handbag : Laundry by Shelli Segal
Shoes : Boutique

Bright Colors are back in style that's why I'm totally digging them IN. What I like about bright colors is that they are Bold, Fun and not Boring at all.

With my look, I wore this colorful top, I love the color combination and how they pop-out, I paired it with this high-waisted shorts which I love too because it fits me so perfectly, then added some accessories and finished off with my nude sandals. 

xoxo ~ TSE :)

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