Friday, August 16, 2013

Fringe with benefit

Top : from Bangkok
Skirt : from US
Necklace : Marquee Mall
Belt : SM Accessories
Ring : BS Shop
Watch : Jean Paul Gaultier
Heels : from Hongkong

Here's another (late) outfit post from what I wore on a casual bonding with my friend Khai. I've had these fringe skirt for a long time and I'm thinking how will wear it. It's actually made out of leather material and what I love about it was the fringe details that makes it more interesting and flirty. I paired it with these chiffon top and then accessorized in silver jewels. For an added sophistication and class, I wore my sky high heels to matchy-match my whole ensemble. 

I've been really so pre-occupied lately and I got tons of works and chores to do so hopefully I can update my blog from time to time. And I also got addicted to my new hobby which is baking and I really wanna share too my creations  hahaha! Promise I'll be blogging my Baking101 pretty soon when I'm not super busy hehehe. I'm so proud of myself (LOL!) I never thought that I also have a hidden talent in cooking and baking pala hihih!

Well, that's it again. Until my next post :)

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Simply Peach

Dress : from Korea
 Belt : Forever 21
Necklace & Clutch : gift from Tita A
Watch : Vintage
Bracelet : SM Accessories
Shoes : Sole Desire

Another quick OOTD and here's what I wore on an instant joyride to Manila with my Twitart. With my look, I wore this pretty dress and I love it because it's so girly and  the cut-out detail on the shoulders brings out some sexy-ness in me. I also wore few accessories for an added sophistication to my look and matched this cutie clutch with beaded details which I got from my fairy Tita A who gives me nonstop things and I wanted to thank her for being so nice and generous. She also gave me this pearl necklace which was actually a giveaway from her jewelry launching which happened few weeks ago and I was so happy I got one heheh! I was really screaming with joy whenever I got stuffs from Tita A and I'm so lucky and blessed to have her and I couldn't ask for anything more (I swear). Now my closet was overflowing with so many stuffs from her and I'm so excited to wear and blog them all soon. To my fashion fairy Tita A, you're heaven sent to me and super thank you so much to the highest level!Hahaha!

That's it again for now! Until next time :)

Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Pretty Tiger

Top : from Hongkong
Shorts : Lamp
Sunnies : Glamfinds
Belt : Forever 21
Watch : YSL
Heels : Venus

Despite being a full-time Mom and House Slave(LoL!) Well, it's been a month since our maid left us and I have no choice but to do all the chores. It's fulfilling for me because now I can manage our house properly. Sometimes or most of the times tiring and I just hate it when our laundry is mountain high(LOL!) and I do the same things over and over again. But I tried to love it and enjoy it because at least now I can do things on my own without any help and besides it's part of being a Mother(hehehe). What I also love about it is that now I can cook food for my children and bake desserts for them #simplethings #littlethings #motherlove you know! Hehehe :)

Anyway, enough of my chores thing and let's go to my look owkei! Whenever I go out I see to it that I always dress at my best. Why not chocknut? I believe that "Life is too short to wear boring clothes" right? And besides I really love dressing-up obviously I'm a Fashion Slave hahaha!

With my outfit, I love my cutie Tiger Print Top and I just paired it with my favorite shorts ever. I added some edge to my look by wearing these bracelets and to make everything more fabulous, I wore my deadly weapon spikey heels(LOL!).

Well, that's it again! Until my next post :)

Thursday, August 01, 2013


Top : Salt & Pepper
Shorts : Luxury Trap
Watch : YSL
Bracelets : Mix
Flats : Shoezshe

Hello Again! I've been so preoccupied lately and I swear I got so many pending blogs to post, hopefully I can finish them all soon. I've also been so addicted with baking lately and I didn't know I had a slight hidden talent for it lol! I also wanted to make a short blog about baking and share some of the cupcakes that I did hopefully I can blog on that too(soon also hehehe).

Anyway, here's what I wore on a simple lunch date with my new found friend Jen and I was so happy that I met her and we really had so much in common. It was really an unplanned date so I just wore something comfortable on that day starting with these cutie top with a cross details on it and I just paired it with these sequined shorts to add some glam and I added few accessories. And to spice up my whole look I wore these cutie gold flats.

And that's it! Until my next post :)