Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Goddess in Royal Blue

Gown : Frederick Policarpio
Jewelries : South Sea Pearls & White Gold Bracelets
Clutch : from USA
Shoes : Brash

Eversince, Princess Kate's sophisticated and chic fashion sense has set the Royal Blue trend on fire. Last, September 29, 2012, I attended our good friend's wedding which was held at the Santuario de San Antonio, Forbes Park and Reception follows at The Blue Leaf, Mckinley Hill, Taguig City. Finally he(Poch) and Zaza tied the knot! My girlfriends and I we're all been waiting for this wedding and at the same time we are so excited about it and excited for our friend because he's the only one in our group who is not yet married. The attire for the occasion is "Strictly Formal" and long dress is really a requirement. The previous weddings that I have attended I always wear a cocktail dress, so this time it's another major challenge for me what kind of dress will I be wearing.

OK! Enough of my blah!blahs! And Let's talk about my look, finally I've decided to wear this Grecian Goddess inspired dress in Royal Blue. I feel so royal in this color(heheh). It's so refreshing to the eye and well suited for the occasion and so captivating too! Feeling Goddess Athena or Aphrodite coming down all the way from Mt. Olympus lang ang peg naman!LOL! What I also love about this dress is that the combination of Blue and Silver really mixed well together. I added a pearl and white gold jewelries for a touch of sophistication, classy-ness and glamour. I carry a silver clutch so I can put my essentials and finally, I finished of my look by wearing my sparkly silver wedge shoesezzz. Unfortunately, they doesn't show-off because my gown is too long enough that it can almost sweep the road (Libre walis and mop ng daan hahaha!)

BTW, Thanks also to Sweet for doing my HUA. I Super Love-et!

And, that's it for my Goddess Look!
Thanks for reading :)


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Watch my sexy BACK!

Dress : Stitch
Pearls : Accessorize
Stud Belt : DIY
Heels : Kimi

This outfit post is supposed to be for my DIY Studded Belt but I just wanna share also my lovely backless dress. I had this dress a long time ago (in Bethlehem) lol! I really wanted to wear it because it screams sexy-ness di'ba? and talikod-genic lang ang effect LOL! But, at the same time, I'm a bit scared because it shows off my back too much and it should be worn with a free bra. Ok my real problem, the free bra coz it might fall off (hahaha). That's my major problem! Tsk!Tsk!Tsk! So for this outfit post, I'm a bit in a hurry dapat 10 shots lang and I'm done coz it's danger! my free-bra might fall off! Hahaha!

With my look, I'm so happy I was able to finish my DIY studded belt. Ayan, my real post. I really struggle putting these studs in fairness major challenge din sila. I thought I won't finish it. But, with my patience and perseverance I was able to do it! Try and try until I succeed and I Did naman Yehey! Congrats to me! Now I have my own Carrie Bradshow belt. I really wanted this belt for a long time but I can't find it. Thanks to my God given sewing skills and I was able to make one hehehe! Then, I just added a pearl necklace to complete my Carry Bradshow look and finished it off with my Fink (Pink) Pumps. And, That's for my sexy back. What do you think?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Back Off

Flower Head Dress and Bracelet : Accessorize
Belt : Vintage
Wedge : Shoeshh Hongkong

Finished sewing my instant outfit for the day! O di'ba bongga! Actually, it can be my birthday or halloween outfit in advance lol! I'm just planning to sew a sheer skirt, then I had an excess fabric and I thought of making a tube top. Unfortunately, my excess fabric is not enough and I'm almost done. So, instead of throwing my top and giving up, I just put a garter at the back and voila! I made an Instant backless top! Resourcefulness and lots of ability is just the key. Now, I feel like a fairy of the road not the forest (hahaha!)

DIY: Studded Belt

This is my DIY: Studded Belt. Since I got a lot of excess studs, I thought of making one for me. I'm so happy I was able to finish it. Though, I really struggle putting these studs in fairness major challenge din sila. I thought I won't be able to finish them, but, with all my patience and perseverance I did it! Try and try until I succeed Yehey! Congrats to me! Now I have my own studded belt ala Carrie Bradshow. I really wanted this belt for a long time but I wasn't able to find one at the mall. Thanks to my God given sewing skills, I was able to make my own version... hehehe! 

What do you think?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Safe in Neutrals

Shirt : Lowry Farm
Lace Shorts : Dream come true
Necklace : Nine West
Belt : Blacksheep shop
Clutch : Katsuri
Wedge : Syrup

Every time I go out, I always (as in always) have this dilemma of not knowing what to wear on that day. Oh! Maybe it's every girls problem. Too many clothes but nothing to wear lol! Sometimes, I even make a dress r
ehearsals as much as possible I have 4-5 choices of outfit hahaha! Feeling celebrity Lang ang drama. Actually, I'm Confucius lang as in confused on what to wear lol! 

Anyway, with this look, it's so funny because I never really planned this outfit. O di'ba impromptu look. I just grab whatever I saw in my closet. I chose neutral shades because it's so chic and I think that it's the safest outfit that can goes with everything. And, I was surprised that it turned out great! The shirt is loose so I added a belt to cinch my waist, I paired it with my lace shorts and accessorize and finished it off with my fave nude wedge. Sometimes, we just need to dig our closet, be resourceful, creative and we'll be surprised on what we can find, right? (left lol)