Monday, September 17, 2012

Safe in Neutrals

Shirt : Lowry Farm
Lace Shorts : Dream come true
Necklace : Nine West
Belt : Blacksheep shop
Clutch : Katsuri
Wedge : Syrup

Every time I go out, I always (as in always) have this dilemma of not knowing what to wear on that day. Oh! Maybe it's every girls problem. Too many clothes but nothing to wear lol! Sometimes, I even make a dress r
ehearsals as much as possible I have 4-5 choices of outfit hahaha! Feeling celebrity Lang ang drama. Actually, I'm Confucius lang as in confused on what to wear lol! 

Anyway, with this look, it's so funny because I never really planned this outfit. O di'ba impromptu look. I just grab whatever I saw in my closet. I chose neutral shades because it's so chic and I think that it's the safest outfit that can goes with everything. And, I was surprised that it turned out great! The shirt is loose so I added a belt to cinch my waist, I paired it with my lace shorts and accessorize and finished it off with my fave nude wedge. Sometimes, we just need to dig our closet, be resourceful, creative and we'll be surprised on what we can find, right? (left lol)

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