Sunday, April 22, 2012

DIY: Accessories Holder

There's a saying that "Necessity is the Mother of Invention" and for that here's another DIY and I'm inventing my homemade accessory organizer or holder. Ever since I was a kid I always have too much  Abubots (Stuffs) in my room and closet actually until now (hehehe). When I see all my stuffs in my closet, I can't help but to stare and I asked myself  how can I have all of these? Oh well,  maybe that's a part of being a girl. 

OK! aside from being a Shoe-addict... Here's another part of my addiction... and that's Accessories!
I love accessories and how they make a simple outfit stand-out and complete each look... Even your dullest outfit, once you pile accessories on it and VOILA! It can become BONGACIOUS, right?

So, here are my accessories. Some are already organized but I still have a lot to put and I don't have anymore space and holders.

This is a scrap screen wire, I got this so many years ago when our house is still under construction. I asked the person who did our windows and door if he has excess screen wire because I told him that I'll be making it into an accessory holder. Here's what he gave me. It looks dull for me so I'll be transforming it and making it into a fashionable accessory holder. 

From my previous DIYs, this is the excess Tiger Print Fabric from the Pants I altered. I've already made a lot of stuffs from these fabric from  envelope clutch , to shoe pads, to headband. 

Here are some photos

Now, there's still excess fabric so I'll be using it for my accessory holder.

After glue-ing it into the screen wire, I just tied a black ribbon so I could hang it into the wall and this is it! 

My finished product.

Some of my DIY accessories and new accessories I've bought and I think there's more to come (hahaha!)

By the way, I also added this S-hooks I got this from my previous boutique. I wrapped them in fabric. And now, they can be used to hang necklaces too :)

My Tiger Print Inspired Accessory Holder
Fashion and Creativity in ONE

It's so easy to do just explore your WILD imagination.

Another DIY project for me. Now I can organize my new accessories and hang it on my wall. Well, at least now my screen wire looks fashionable with the tiger print details unlike before(hehehe!)

Hope you like it! Until then.. TATA!

xoxo ~ TSE :)

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  1. Love this! I did a similar out take on the accessory holder but I used an iron board naman. hehe! The I changed it up with a frame and perfboard. You should check it out, I bet it'd fit all your jewelry din. :) It's up on my blog if you wanna see it:)