Friday, April 20, 2012


Swimsuit coverups are excellent garments that camouflage the parts of your body you're vulnerable of (cellulites, stretch marks, sagging breasts, small breasts, flabby stomach, etc.). Stripping down on the beach can be quite intimidating so it's always handy to have a couple of extra beach cover-ups available. They are also good to wear if you're staying out and about the beach, protecting your skin after several hours of sun bathing. 


    If you prefer casual tee-look
    Instead of selecting the boxy baggy type consider purchasing a t-shirt tunic dress for a flattering, chic silhouette
    Make sure you can wear it with several outfits
    For example, a simple beach maxi dress is perfect when you're relaxing by the cruise-ship pool but if you add large earrings, cocktail ring and a cute purse, the same dress can be worn for dinner later that evening.Also, neutrals and solid colors, such as white, black, chocolate brown and dark navy blue blend in with the rest of your wardrobe - making it cost-effective and easier to mix and match.
    For a super-chic and cool look
    Try an long chambray or denim shirt as cover up. Because of denim's thicker fabric, it's best worn for a tad chilly afternoons on the beach. 

  • If you have a classic Pear body shape or have full hips and thighs
  • Opt for beach sarongs as they hide your bottom half. They also give you a graceful silhouette for a flirty look. If you have slim hips, a sarong cover up can also create curves. 

  • Consider adding a sunhat  to your beach outfit
  • It really spruces up your look! Try a wide brim or a trendy fedora straw hat. 

 Cover Up: CURVE
Swimsuit: Kula Beach 
Sunnies: H&M 

Hair: Goody Simple Style Bun Spiral
Feather Earrings: Tops and Totes 
Flip-flops: Ralph Lauren 

Choosing a great swimsuit cover up can make a positive difference in how you look and feel when you're out flashing your thighs and shoulders in public. A tee or a towel would be the most natural thing to hide yourself with, but you'll be amazed by how a beach dress or a tunic top can help you feel better, feminine and more stylish. It is especially flattering on plus size figures as most swimsuit cover-ups are flowy and skim over lumps and bumps.

This one I'm wearing is actually a Sheer Top, but it also has another purpose and it became my cover-up, 2-in-1 combo (hehehe!). If you're Shy or a little bit conservative or don't have the guts to show your body in swimsuit, I think that a swimsuit cover up will do the trick. You can still wear your swimsuit without showing off your skin and still look chic and sexy.

Well, That's IT for my cover-up. Until then...

xoxo ~ TSE :) 

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