Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Rise of the MIDIS

I'm the QUEEN of DIY!

YES! from Top to Skirt to Clutch... It's all Do-It-Myself!

This is how I express my LOVE for FASHION by making my own clothes and accessories.

SHEER TOP ~ Every woman wants to be sexy, no matter her size or age. A sheer top is the perfect way to be just sexy enough… without looking like you’re trying too hard. All woman can be sexy by showing a peek of skin, yes even in the office! But it has to be done tasteful.

ENVELOPE CLUTCH ~ Throw your necessities in, tuck it under your arm, and you're out the door. For the girl constantly on the go, the envelope clutch is the new go-to bag for that "effortless" look everyone's always talking about.

TURQUOISE MIDI SKIRT ~ Such a COOL color for a HOT Trend. MIDIS are on the rise again. Ranging from just above the knee to mid-calf, this length offers a little more coverage, but is the most versatile length from season-to-season. You can also stripped down with sandals for the summer. How cool right?

Top&Skirt: DIY
Earrings and Necklace: Nine West
Shoes: from Hongkong 

It's really fun when you make your own clothes and accessories. And, it's more fun when you put all the pieces together and create a fashionable look. I really believed in the saying that "nothing is impossible in this world". If you have the passion and determination you can really do everything.

xoxo ~ TSE :)

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