Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Meshing Around

Top : from Hongkong
Shorts : Lamps
Necklace : from Hongkong
Bracelets : Samau Boutique
Watch : Quattrro
Belt & Flats : SM Accessories
Bag : from France

" It's a new era in fashion - there are no rules. It's all about the individual and personal style, wearing high-end and low-end, classic labels, and up-and-coming designers all together " 
~ Alexander McQueen

Yes! I definitely agree with this quote. Fashion has really no rules and it's all about every individual's style and it doesn't really matter if what you're wearing is branded or unbranded as long as you feel good and comfortable wearing them then go for it. I believe that each of us has its own taste when it comes to fashion and it's our freedom to express one's self. 

Anyway, enough of my blah!blahs!, etc. and let's go to my look, what's nice about today's fashion is that aside from it's a freedom of self expression it's okay to wear whatever you want as long as you have your personal style  in it. I like my top because the holes details in it adds some spice to my look. I paired it with these cutie shorts which also has a chain detail at the hem that made it fab and chic. I added my #fave chain necklace to glam up my look and these cutie bracelets which I was looking for a long time and luckily found them at a local shop near our place. They have so many designs and colors to choose from but I got these "Love, Cross and To Infinity and Beyond" LOL! And for my final touches, instead of wearing heels or wedge, I found these cutie flats from SM department store and I actually fell in-love with them because they look so classy and yet so affordable. I think that I'll be investing more with flat shoes because they can still make your look absolutely glamorous.

And that's it! Until my next post :)

Monday, June 24, 2013

Rock and Roar

Leatherette Top : Spring
Skirt : Page View
Belt : Forever21
Watch : Quattro
Bracelets : Mix
Heels : from Hongkong

One of my duties as mom is to fetch my kiddos from school and while waiting for their dismissal I found a perfect spot where I could take some quick outfit shots hahaha! This will be my current  favorite location for (some) of my ootd's so don't be surprise if they have the same background lol! #nochoice 

Anyway, with my look, OK I had a new hair color courtesy of my instant hair stylist my supportive mother she was the one who did my hair  and thanks to her hihih! I'm so happy I was able to have my hair colored for free lol! I wanted to lighten my hair a bit for a change and I chose this golden brown color and this was the finished product. 

With my look, I wore a leatherette top for some edgy vibe and paired it with my leopard skirt. I love my skirt because it's not the usual brown animal print color and its grey and black spots on it perfectly liven my simple top. I added a thin belt to cinch my waist . To add spice to my look I wore my spikes and rhinestone bracelet and lastly finished it off with these suede heels.

And that's Rock and Roar baby!

* Oh BTW! My hair was supposed to be curly but by the time I arrived at my kids school it went down already lol! And it's also windy while taking some photos so my hair was a mess too! :) *

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Under my umbrella (ella-ella-eh!)

Top : Josan Boutique
Skirt : from US
Earrings & Necklace : from my Mom
Watch : Casio
Bracelet : Pieces Made For Everyone / Charriol
Belt : SM Accessories
Wedge : Fioni

This outfit shot was taken last week. Finally, I was able to have an Ootd while raining lol! Oh it actually starting to rain a bit. I've always wanted  to use my cutie little umbrella and lucky Me I had the chance to fulfill my wish hahaha! Thank God the rain was not that heavy while taking my outift shots but after we finished taking photos it began to pour #godisgoodtome. Anyway, with my look, this is what I wore on a simple gathering I had attended. I wore a simple white sleeveless button-down and just paired it with my polkadot skater skirt. Actually, this was my old midi-skirt which I DIY and made it into a mini-skirt so it's reused and recycled. Sometimes when I'm not busy I find some old clothes in my closet and then transform them into something new and fashionable and that saves me from spending, right? I also added few silver accessories to bling up my look and for my final touches I wore my sparkly heels.

And, that's it again :)