Monday, June 24, 2013

Rock and Roar

Leatherette Top : Spring
Skirt : Page View
Belt : Forever21
Watch : Quattro
Bracelets : Mix
Heels : from Hongkong

One of my duties as mom is to fetch my kiddos from school and while waiting for their dismissal I found a perfect spot where I could take some quick outfit shots hahaha! This will be my current  favorite location for (some) of my ootd's so don't be surprise if they have the same background lol! #nochoice 

Anyway, with my look, OK I had a new hair color courtesy of my instant hair stylist my supportive mother she was the one who did my hair  and thanks to her hihih! I'm so happy I was able to have my hair colored for free lol! I wanted to lighten my hair a bit for a change and I chose this golden brown color and this was the finished product. 

With my look, I wore a leatherette top for some edgy vibe and paired it with my leopard skirt. I love my skirt because it's not the usual brown animal print color and its grey and black spots on it perfectly liven my simple top. I added a thin belt to cinch my waist . To add spice to my look I wore my spikes and rhinestone bracelet and lastly finished it off with these suede heels.

And that's Rock and Roar baby!

* Oh BTW! My hair was supposed to be curly but by the time I arrived at my kids school it went down already lol! And it's also windy while taking some photos so my hair was a mess too! :) *

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