Wednesday, June 05, 2013

China Doll

Top : from US
Skirt : from Hongkong
Necklace : Old
Bracelets : Cutie Finds
Bag : Jayro White
Heels : from Hongkong

Oh Yes! I have (full) bangs hahaha! I'm trying this new hairstyle for a change to freshen up my look once in a while. Before, I was so afraid to try different hairstyles because it might not compliment my face and I'm just used to have it long and straight. But now I am more adventurous and got a little braver to cut my locks afterall it's just hair and it'll grow back right? I think that I looked like a china doll with my hair lol! Anyway, I should get used to it hehehe.

Okay enough of my hair and let's go to my look, this is what I wore on a simple day-out with my family. As always and forever, I see to it that I really dress my best even if it's just a casual or ordinary day. Sometimes it's just a matter of "mix and matching" with what you have in your closet to come-up with something fashionably chic. I wore this simple top and paired it with this cutie skirt. I'm really on the girly-girly side so I have so many skirts in my closet because for me they're also my go-to-outfit and they're very easy to wear. To add glam to my look, I wore gold accessories for a touch of sophistication and then I finished it off with these color block heels to spice up my whole outfit. 

And that's it! 

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