Friday, August 31, 2012

Shades of Grey

Tee : One Heart Beat
Blazer : Dressing by 2068
Shorts : Apple Tree
Accessories : Accessorize / Forever21 /etsetera
Handbag : Valentino
Pumps : Bumper

There's several things that every girl should own, the staples if you will… a premium leather bag, a little black dress, a colorful pair of flats, and a BLAZER! Blazers are one of the most transitional pieces of clothing you will ever own. You can dress them up, wear them casual, you really can do anything. Pair one with pants, a cute sun dress, a shirt and blouse, shorts and a tee, like I said… you can do anything!

On to my look, as you can see, I'm only wearing a simple tee and a shorts. It looks really plain to me so I added a blazer to make my look from casual to chic! I love blazers! They really make life so much easier. Before, we only wear them in the office but thanks to Fashion and blazers became an everyday item and it's so amazing how this piece of clothing can really pull a look together. I also added a few pieces of accessories and to make my look a bit interesting, I finished it off with my red pumps. 
(*Thanks to my friend tubay for giving this shoes to me hehehe!*)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Pearls and Dots

Top : from Korea
Skirt : Apobbico
Pearl Necklace : Forever21
Bracelets : Silay Accessoria
Sunnies : Gurly Glam
Bag : Cabas Tote
Wedge : Lovely Shoes

For this outfit post, it took me a lot of guts to take a picture at the mall. Oh! Well for the sake of fashion (Cge na nga!) I just pretend to be a foreign-object so people won't be staring at me(hahaha). Shacks! Confidence to the highest level!

On to my look, am I too early for New Year's Day? Lol! I just love my look heheh! So Girly like ME(heheh). I wanted to keep things simple & classy so I thought that Black & White are a perfect combo.
Wearing Black in fashion is always a style essential and so easy to incorporate with almost any outfit. It's a basic color that all us have. I just added pearl accessories for a touch of sophistication. A gold belt to cinch my waist. I also wore my baroque sunnies for "Ganda Points" Naks!(Pretty Points hahaha!). My new "IT Shades" I love the curve for on the sides it's very artistic, right?. And finally, I finished off my look by wearing my black wedge (I love this shoes! They're one the comfiest ever! I don't mind walking in them all day). Now, I'm ready to go window shopping! Harhar! 

Hope you like my look. Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

DIY: Arm Candy Bracelet

The hottest accessory right now is the Arm Candy. Lots of beauty gurus and celebrities are stacking tons of cute bracelets on one arm and they sometimes add a cute & bold watch. I absolutely love this trend and can wear it all the time. It's also a great way to incorporate different colors in your outfits and complete a look!
This is my DIY Arm Candy Bracelet. Why buy when I can make one, right? Even you can also do it. It's so easy! 

Here's how:

The materials that you will need are:
~ Color Strings ~
~ Screw nuts ~
~ Glue ~
~ Scissors ~
~ Bracelet closure ~
~ Clip Board ~
~ Patience and Creativity ~

Step 1 : Cut 3 pieces of String. Clip them on the board so they become sturdy.

Step 2. Regular Braiding: Bring in each side string to the center. Braid up to 1(One) inch.

Step 3. Next is add the screw nuts to each side. You may need at least 14 pieces or depending on how thick your wrist is.

Step 4. After you use up the nuts. Make about 1(One) inch braid.

Step 5. Tie in the bracelet closure. 
(Tip: add super glue to secure in the knot)

And this is it! My finished product!

Layer as many bracelets as you can depending on what you're wearing.

Just be creative and have fun!

And, that's it! Hope you like my DIY!
Thanks for reading :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm a Modern Cowgirl



Denim Dress : Lowry Farm
Crochet Vest : Topshop
Brown Belt : from Italy
Hoop Earrings : People are people
Stud Bracelets : Bazaar Finds
Gold Bracelets & Ring : from my Mom
Satchel Bag : from Italy
Boots : Shopping in Zhuhai

Howdy, Yee All?
This is what I wore at my son's 7th Cowboy Theme Birthday Party. My fashion inspiration is to look like a Modern Cowgirl so I wore a denim dress instead of the usual plaid button-down shirt. What I love about denims is that they very versatile and so easy to pair with almost anything. It's definitely a must have on our wardrobe. I added a crochet vest instead of the usual cowboy leather vest. To jazz up my plain blue denim dress, I added accessories in brown and gold. I wore a brown saddle belt to accentuate my waist and carry a satchel bag in neutral color. This elevates my look by adding a level of sophistication, making it very lady like. And, to finished off my look, I wore a brown boots to give me that country chic style! Yee-Haw!

Hope you like my look! Thanks for reading :)

Yee Haw! It's a Cowboy Party

Planning a memorable party for your kids is the most special gift a parent could give. And it's something that your kids will always remember throughout their life. Last Saturday (25th August 2012) , we celebrated my youngest son's 7th birthday. I planned a Cowboy Theme party for him. A few months ago, I already did my research on the internet about Cowboy theme parties and there are so many ideas you can find. I always love organizing parties may it be for children or adults. It's also one thing where I get to show my talents and creativity. I wanted everything in detailed (I'm a little bit OC for those who don't know hahaha!).

In today's busy, fast-paced world, sometimes it's so hard to find the time to sit down and figure out how to make special occasions extra-meaningful. Luckily, I'm a full-time MOM and I have all the time to organize this party for my son. With my creativity and resourcefulness, I was able to turn a simple day into a very Special One.

The party was held at Bap's Backdoor Grill. It's a very cozy place where you can enjoy a drinks with your friends while having a chit-chat. They served ice cold beer and cocktails plus a tasty selection of appetizers. They have a local singer or band every Friday where you can also jam with them. It's open from Monday to Friday 5pm-12midnight.

Special Thanks to Trends Party Needs (Claire Briones)for the beautiful balloon decorations. 

 Thanks to Fontpage Printing (Lorie and Paul)for the Signs, Backdrop, Thank you tags, Bag tags, Name tags and stickers.


To add a little drama to the party, I surprised my son and even the guests by renting a real horse. And, they can also take a picture riding the horse.  Now, it's really a Cowboy Party! Yee-Haw! 

I added a Candy Station where kids can have yummy assorted candies from gummies, gumballs, m&ms, chocolates and more. I also made some mini-donuts so the kids can design them and put chocolate frostings, sprinkles, etc.

Mommy (Dalsa, Edith and Noanne)also enjoying the sweet treats :)

Happy Birthday Ton-ton

Howdy! Partner...

Special Thanks to Lailen's Pastries (@ Lai Manalang) for the yummy cake and cupcakes and for the nice Cowboy design. As always, you never fail me with my expectations. Super Love the cake!

My DIY Loot bags and Prize bags.
 Although my eyes and hands got tired in sewing them it's all worth it. All for the love of my baby Ton.

DIY: Prize Bags where kids can put their prizes and candies etc. so mommy's won't have a problem holding them. (I know the feeling heheh!)

Lots of Prizes

Special Thanks to Cyrus of Trends Party Needs for Hosting the party and for the very entertaining Balloon Twisting and Magic Show.

Presenting: The Cowboy Family (Yee-Haw!)

Photo-op with Leng and cutie Pong-pong 

Of course, I wouldn't let this opportunity to pass-by without riding the horse (hahaha!). 
Saddle-up! Giddy-up!

Family Pics

"Surprised! Pabitin for Mommy's and Daddy's"  

I just noticed that every time I attended kids parties, when the host will say it's pabitin time, all mommy's, daddy's and yaya's are the ones grabbing the toys. So, I had this idea that, instead of the kids will get the toys for the pabitin. It'll be the mommy's and daddy's only. Isn't that Fun! Even the parents can participate on the games. 

Special Prize for the Best in Cowboy Costume
The winners are Hannah and Pablo

with the Company of Good 'ol Friends: Team Manipis and kiddos

And... A PARTY will not be complete without a Group Pics with all the little cowboys and cowgirls. 

Ton-Ton's 7th Cowboy Theme Birthday Party was truly a Success! All our efforts was worth it. I'm so happy that I was able to  make his day extra special and memorable. We all had so much fun. I would also like to Thank all my friends and family who were there to celebrate with us. I'm glad that everybody had a rootin' tootin' good time. Yee-Haw!!!   

* Special Thanks To *
Lola Glo-glo , Dada Benjie and Mammu, Dadad Bong, Lola Jeng, Tita Dalsa, Tita Leng, Ninong Eric, Tita Audrey, Tita Ems Reyes, Manang Lida and Manang Crising, Kuya Hector(for the horsy) Dess(M168) and to all the staffs of Bap's Backdoor Grill.