Sunday, August 26, 2012

Not all that glitter is Gold!


Dress and Skirt : Forever21
Earrings : Aldo
Shoes : Black

This is my sponsored outfit from PFB Pampanga FashionBloggers photo shoot. I love it because it screams elegance and sexy-ness. I love the gold dress and the glitter skirt (it's actually a two-piece outfit). I think that this is perfect ensemble to wear when attending an evening event or party. To give it a classy look I added some gold accessories because I want to focus more on my outfit. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take some nice shots because some of the photographers went home already :( Aww Sayang!) But, instead of getting sad, I asked my cousin to take some photos( and some are from Iphone pix. Thanks to the power of Iphone hehehe). Anyways, I was able to snatch some photos but a little bit blurred (Sowi!). But, it's "Better blurred than never" (hihihi).

Hope you like my look. Until my next blog.
Thanks for reading :)

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