Thursday, August 23, 2012

PFB Photo Shoot featuring myfashionetsetera

Well! Hello again fellow Fashionistas! 
Rememeber the Pampanga Bloggers Photo Shoot I was telling you about? Well, here are some of my "Official" photos (Yehey!!!). I can't really explain my feelings the moment I saw my photos. I'm so overwhelmed and my heart was pounding with excitement and I'm shocked! As in OMG! I really can't believe it (For Real?! Hahaha!). They're all so pretty and very nice and perfect. As in Super Winner to the highest level!). I'm so speechless (ah...ah...ah..speechless... LOL!). I guess, words aren't really not enough to express how I feel and how thankful I am for the photographers who did my shots. I'm all thumbs up. Grabe! They're all super Galing talaga! And they all did a great job! I'm very impressed with their talents.

Thank you so much to my Photographers:
Anson Ong , Boogie Yu , Harry Harold Rico and Julius Bala

OK! Here are my shots. Enjoy the pics as much as I did!

My Super fave Stolen Shot... Love-et!

Thanks so much Boogie. I'm so happy with this pics. Luckily I didn't get out of balance(hahaha). 

The "little Nude Pumps"
Have you always dreamed of a shoe that went with everything? This Nude pump is the secret to it. The patent leather will surely turn heads and this heel goes with everything - and I mean everything.

Thanks Harry for this Shot. I love my shoes!(harhar!) Even if I struggle with this pose, the result is winner naman! It's worth it :)

 Well, what can I say... 
"Smeyes" a.k.a. Smile ang eyes hahaha! (Smile your eyes). 
Thank you Julius for this bonggacious shot! Now, I've learned something from you. The "Smeyes" pose. I love the word (hihihi). 

 Dress : Korean Brand
Necklace : Samau Boutique
Ring and Bracelets : from my mom's vintage
Belt : The Blacksheep Shop
Nude Pumps : Brash

Now, let's talk about my look.

My fashion inspiration with this photo shoot is to go on a Neutral Look (parang "bare" lang and peg!LOL). This color is so easy to incorporate with almost everything. I love this Nude dress because it look so elegant and it gives me a very feminine vibe. To keep things classy, I opted to accessorize with classic gold pieces like this bracelets and my cameo vintage ring which I got from my mom. I love everything in gold because they're so versatile and easy to pair with any outfit and instantly gives a glamorous appeal(Instant Mayaman effect. Parang Donya lang and peg!). Then, I finished it off with my favorite Nude pumps. I love this shoes because they're so comfy and so sexy.

Well, that's it! Until my next blog. Thanks for reading :)

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