Sunday, August 19, 2012

Prints and Patterns

Top : Samau Boutique
Shorts : Korean Shop
Earrings :
Bracelets : Bazaar Finds
Belt : Anne Klein
Wedge : from China

What I love about AZTEC Trend is that it's all about the Pattern designs and an endless option of colors.

This is what I wore on a simple lunch gathering with my family. I opt to wear something comfy yet chic again and I found this cute Aztec Print Top at my fave shop here in SF, guess how much I bought it? Well, it's on Sale at Php 100.00 ($2.50) Yah, right! I'm not kidding. Before it's Php 350-400(I think?), then they put it on SALE na. So I automatically grab it (It's mine) harhar! Super marked down price and Good Deal for me! Well, for those who don't know, I'm really good in finding nice outfit at an affordable price. I guess, it's part of me being a wise and practical, I can say I'm an expert bargain hunter. When it comes to Fashion I have all the patience I needed. For me, shopping is like digging a treasure and when you find it, it's such a big accomplishment especially if you got it on a good deal, right?. 

Ok, back to my look, what i did is that I tied my Aztec Print button down shirt instead of tucking it in for a change and it gives me a sweetness effect, then I just paired it with my black shorts, added a few accessories for details and finished off with my red wedge. And that's it!

Have a nice day!


  1. I love ur style and blog ..I'm following u now on bloglovin anc chicisimo.

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  2. Thanks Gabrielle. Sure let's follow each other :)