Monday, August 20, 2012

Pampanga Fashion Bloggers 1st Photo Shoot

 Yesterday, we had our first Pampanga Fashion Bloggers photo shoot held at the Royal Garden Golf and Counrty Club. It is also the first time that we did this kind of project for us Pampanga bloggers. When Khai Nunag invited me to join this project, I admit, I got really excited because I'll be meeting and gaining new friends. At the same time, I got hesitant too, because I felt that they're all too young and I'm too old to be their sister(LOL!). But I realized that, Fashion has no age limit. As long as you feel good and confident with what you are wearing. People won't see your FASHION but they will see your PASSION.

 Pampanga Fashion Bloggers advocacy aims to promote,encourage and inspire the youth and the "young" at hearts to get into Fashion Blogging. As we all know, Kapampangans are very fashionable people and would never really left behind from the trends of the Fashion World. PFB also helps to promote and advertise Kapampangan Fashion Brands and Businesses and to widen the participants' blog/website, marketing demographics (including photographers, Make-up artists, etc.)

Well, OK for now here are some -Behind The Scene- shots. I can't wait to see the Official Shots. I'll be posting that too soon.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Retouch - retouch (hihi!)

Shoe-less shot with Erese follow her @

Khai Nunag @
The "Brains" behind PFB and this photo shoot. Thanks so much khai for organizing. I can't wait on our next PFB united (hahaha!)

Elle Paulino @ and the bongacious Jeroy Balmores @ IKAW NA! (You Na!) Jeroy and your killer shoes-sezzzz!
Can I borrow the spike one, I'll just kick someone(LOL! Just Kidding) harhar!

Nina Pineda with my cousin Janela (Thanks Nela for helping me around and for being my photographer ever!)

Goofing around with the girls! I love this shot. Wind Blown Hair ang peg! hihih :)

Love you Erese. We really click coz we're so daldal(talkative) hahaha! 


Group Shot

Our first Pampanga Fashion Bloggers photo shoot was a huge success I may say. Not bad for a start (Yehey!Applause to us). Even though everyone was all tired that day. Our bodies are aching and went numbed posing(LOL!) and our feet were all burning in pain(harhar) because we're all tiis-ganda (beauty is pain) wearing those killer heels. I know that we all enjoyed the shoot and had so much fun. This shoot really reminded me of my childhood memories playing dressed-up and Barbie dolls, but now, in different version naman. We are the real and walking Barbies and I love-et!(Hahaha!) I'm so happy to meet all of you guys(my new fashionista friends). Sayang! Bitin(not enough) ang one day(hehehe!). Ooh, I can't wait on our next photo shoot. 

Special Thanks to our very talented photographers:
Anson Ong, Char Ayson, Dos Garcia, Khel Sumastre, Julius Bala, Oliver Panlilio, Harold Rico, Faith Bacala, Denz Talao, 
Brian Ordonez and Bernardine Garcia

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And, for those who are interested to join us (don't be shy!) Feel free to contact anyone of us and we'll be happy to have you @ PFB. Let's show the World that the Kapampangan Rocks! hihih :)


  1. Wow! I can't wait till you share the photos of this shoot. I want to join hihi!! I hoping you guys can organize a meetup. I love your style ate Tse. So classy. :)

  2. Thanks romcie.... sure join ka we'll let you know when is the next shoot. if you have other friends too tell them to join na din pra dumami ang mga kampon ng Ka-fashionistahan..LOL!


  3. Thank you! Kampon ng Ka-fashionistahan, love it!