Thursday, August 16, 2012

It's a COLORFUL Day!

 Top :  etsetera
Shorts : Push Thru
Accessories : SM
Belt : SM
Pumps : BXGZ

Thank God! It stopped raining for a while and I'm in the mood to wear shorts (LOL). Actually, I only  planned of wearing a simple shirt and a denim shorts for this day because I'm craving to eat street food. So, I asked my hubby-ness to fetch me so we can go on a street food trip/date (kunwari!hehehe) . Last minute, I changed my mind and changed my outfit too because I thought that after our street food trip, we'll still go somewhere out there (harhar) and meet our friends. And, Now this is my outfit. I wore a plain top and paired it with my floral eyelet shorts. Maybe, you've already seen my top and shorts from my previous outfit post. Before, I had this attitude of not repeating clothes... Feeling celebrity lang ang drama (LOL!), but I realized that it's OK to wear them twice, thrice or even more and it's a shame not to repeat clothes right? Maybe, it's only a matter of mix and match. And I think that, it's where your creative ideas will come out on the way you put your clothes/outfit together. So, now I repeat my clothes hihih! And that's it... 'Till next time.

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