Saturday, March 03, 2012

My Homemade Diaper Cake and Baby Shower Sash

Here's my, Another Ma-"ARTI"-is-tic side. Making my Diaper Cakes and Baby Shower Sash. I started out way back in 2007 when my friend is going to have a Christening/Baptism. Usually, in this kind of occassion guests give money or baby stuff as gifts. I want to give my friend a unique gift and get people talking when they see it. So, I thought of making a Diaper Cake. It was a struggle for me at first because I have no idea how to do it. But, I didn't give-up and I find ways on how I can make a perfect Diaper Cake. With extra effort and my hidden talent for Arts, I was able to make one. Now, I don't only make Diaper Cakes as a gift but also I made it into a business too! and I also added a made-to-order Baby Shower Sash since I'm also into sewing, o di'ba 2-in-1 hahaha.

So, here are some of my Diaper Cake Masterpieces, starting from my latest creation.

2.2.12 ~ Diaper Cake Order from my friend

and Mom-To-Be Sash (for Boy)

Abby wearing the Sash I made and with the Diaper Cake.

Mom-To-Be Sash (for Girl) ordered by my friend Sig and here's her friend (kiesha) wearing the Sash.

1.11.12 ~ This is my Diaper Cake Gift for my friend Noanne on her Surprise Baby Shower that me and my friends organized last January 11, 2012. It was a Success! and We all had fun especially during the games because I'm the Game Master and I really planned some naughty games where ALL of us were Laughing so hard.

Ok, I'm just trying this Tiara and Sash how it will look on me. It's Cute (hehehe), how I wish I have baby shower too... in my dreams (LOL!)

Me, Noanne and kids (Ayanah and Noah) and Ate Dalsa. For the last time, before we go home, we have to take a picture of our masterpieces. Me and my Diaper Cake and ate Dalsa's yummy cupcakes. 

12.4.11 ~ Another, Diaper Cake Gift for our friend JR's baby

11.20.11 ~ Marco Anton's Christening
This is also my gift for my friend Mitzie's Baby. Would you believe that I only made this in 30mins. Yes, It's a Diaper RUSH! My husband (Tan-tan) just told me that day that we will attend her Baby's Baptism. Luckily, I was able to finish it.

May 2008 ~ Diaper Cake Gift for my cousin Steph's (son Basti), Here, I just garnished it with Baby care items such as feeding bottle, bottle brush, toothbrush, baby toys, etc. that she can use for her baby.

Decemeber 2007 ~ Finally, here's my first Diaper Cake Gift masterpiece for our friend Tin and Carlo. I can't believe this was already 6 years ago. I remember when I gave this to them, people were all amazed and I'm so flattered (hehehe).

Well, I think that Diaper Cakes are becoming popular for several reasons. For example, they are original and creative and they give your Baby shower or Christening/Baptism gift a personal touch, moreover, they are useful for the expectant parents. Every single ingredient on the Diaper Cake is useable and it really catches people's attention. Diaper Cakes are made so that the ribbons easily come off and the diapers are ready to use. The best part about these Diaper Cakes, they are adorable and practical at the same time! So, If you want to give your friend or family member the most unique, practical, and memorable baby shower gift  or baptismal gift ever, try one of these creative and beautiful Diaper baby Cakes. And they won't forget you! Believe me. 
xoxo ~ TSE

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