Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Do-It-Myself: Detachable Collars

Trend Alert: Detachable Collars

I've been seeing a lot of bloggers wearing detachable collars and I got intrigued about it. Well, I guessed it's also a hot trend in the fashion world and a unique accessory that add spice to your outfit.

Since, I have a talent in sewing (take note of my word: Talent...hahaha!) I had an idea that pop into my mind saying, why not make my own detachable collar. I think that it's just easy to make as long as you know the procedures, right? So, I gave it a try and here's what I was able to come up.

These are scrap fabrics from my previous Do-It-Myself sewing projects and some excess fabrics from the clothes I cut and altered.

Good thing I still have this pearls which I also used in making my own accessories. This is my interpretation of a baby collar(hahaha). I'll put these pearls around it to give it a cutie girly-girly plus sweet touch on it.  

Here I am struggling to insert the thread into the needle. Gosh! I think I really need to wear my eye glasses.

I asked my son Ton-ton to take a picture of me while sewing the pearls.

I thought sewing these pearls is easy as 1,2,3... I was wrong(hahaha). But, I'm not giving up! I know I can do this. I trust myself of course(hehehe).

Finally, after hours of hard work and back aches! Here's my finished products! Jaraaan!!!

A "detachable collar" ~ is a jewel for the wardrobe and adding this element to an outfit is like varnishing your antique furniture—not obligatory but always appreciated." In short, the unique accessory adds character and quirkiness to any outfit. Whether your style is a little manly or sweet, detachable collars will surely add that extra glam to your look.

My Pearl embellished Peterpan detachable collar adds chic-ness to the look. 

I am totally in love with detachable collars! I think they are a must-have in every girl's closet and it jazzes up any plain outfit. I just added this gold studs to my collar to give it a glam effect.

This is the excess fabric that I cut from my skirt and transformed it into a detachable collar.
It's the classic sports collar look and will always be your No.1 choice.

And of course, my look book photo wearing my Polka-dot detachable collar and skirt combo(hihihi!). I was in a hurry to take a pic that's why it's blurred. But anyway, I'm happy with my collar.

Detachable collars can be worn in different kinds of outfits. From a plain white tank or tee paired with denim shorts or a pastel and floral dress-it's all a matter of finding the perfect kind of collar that fits your style and personality. You can choose amongst a wide variety of detachable collars-from sequinned or embellished to animal prints or bright colors. The possibilities of creating a new look with detachable collars are endless!

Now you see what these collars can do to our dull and boring outfit. They can really make our look very girly and cute, and adding some quirkiness and fun too!

xoxo ~ TSE

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