Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Palazzo Pants at Grand Palazzo

What I love about Fashion is you never get the chance to miss out on a trend even if it was decades ago, because they almost always come back.

The Palazzo pants have been brought back all the way from the 70's and I'm loving it! They're comfortable, stylish and add a good couple of inches to your legs - what's not to love? 

 I was invited by my Super Tita Friend (Tita Tess) on her mom's 80th Birthday Party. Oh! I wish I'll also reach that age(heheh). Anyway, with my look, I'm wearing my favorite Palazzo Pants for the second time around(yehey!) and I love it.

I paired it with this sheer buttoned down sleeveless top with sequin-collar which I made FYI!(Again I sew my top. All for the love of dressmaking). I've been loving the sequin-collar look, so I decided to make my own version. Actually, my plan is to cover the whole collar with sequins but I ran out of it that's why I only finished 1/4 of it (I think!hahaha), so my collar looks like this(hehehe). I sew them individually by hand (take note: by hand OK!), patience is really a virtue, and it's another labor of love and mega-effort to the highest level.   

I just added this gold belt to accentuate my waist and finished my look with my nude T-strap shoes :) 

With my cousin Crisdel (my photographer) and Tita Beth

Surprise guest ~ "Asia's Queen of Songs" Miss Pilita Corales. 

Crisdel, Tita Beth and of course, with the fabulous Tita Tess in her outfit no.3 , everybody's joking because it seems like it's her birthday daw (hehehe) Love you tita :)

The best with Palazzo pants is that you can pair it with almost any tops, may it be a buttoned down tops, sheer tops, printed tops (unless you're wearing printed Palazzo's), tank tops, almost any kind really. They're best with heels/wedges, as they're quite long and not all of us have amazing endless legs to pull it off with flats.  

By the way, for all all my photos, I'm using my husband's Nikon D80 Camera(135mm and 300mm Lens) Thanks to him. I'm still practicing how to use it, and it's kinda heavy though(hehehe) and to Crisdel for being my photographer( I know you're still learning how to use it too even I, so more practice makes Perfect LOL!)

Last pictorial before going home (hahaha!)

Top: TSE's (Do-It-Myself)
Palazzo Pants: H&M 

Pearl Jewelries: From my Mom 
Belt: Terranova 
Shoes: Boutique

Finally, Thank you Tita Tess for inviting us to this party, it was really nice seeing you again. We really had so much fun and I love your bongang-bongang dance presentation and your fabulous outfits hehehe :)

xoxo ~ TSE

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