Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sequin Sparkle

This is my Do-It-Myself: High Waist Sequin Shorts. I'll be making  it for the first time(hahaha). Since, I always make dresses and skirts and detachable collars, why not make my shorts for a change. This is another challenge for me(Wish me Luck!). As you know, I like to make buting-ting everything,so I've decided to make one for myself. Hopefully, I can do it(hehehe). I have faith and I trust myself, again(LOL).

Okay, after going to the Fabric store to buy my materials, I've already cut my pattern. I used my old shorts as my pattern, this way it's my exact fit(I hope so).

These are my materials and pattern. I've decided to make a bigger pattern as you can see, that's not really my size coz it looks big, but it's better to be safe and have an allowance than to make the exact fit. Anyway, I can adjust it later when I fit my shorts.

So, this is how it looks like when I sew the pieces together. 

After 6hours of labor (parang nanganak (gave birth)lang LOL!). Success! I've finished my first Do-It-Myself: High-Waist Sequin Shorts (Yihiii!!!). I thought doing it was so easy but, I was wrong. It's hard pala(hehehe). But, with all my hardwork and a lot of patience I'm happy I was able to finished it... Another Labor of my Love for Sewing and of course for Fashion. I always believed that nothing is impossible if you really put your heart into it and if you love what you're doing, right? O di'ba, It's ME na! I'm so shining, shimmering and splendid :) 

 Shorts ~ have become the go-to piece for trendy, uber-stylish outfits, match it with the right accessories and shoes and everything will be Perfect! 

Sequin Shorts have come a long way since the 80's, I much prefer when the finish on sequin is like that of brushed gold or silver.  or made into a pattern on the fabric along with tiny beads if super shiny. This makes it more delicate looking and breaks it up a bit. Sequin shorts don't have to look tacky! This one I made is a touch of gold when hit by light.

Of course.... my emotera pose(hehehe)

With my look, I paired my Sequin Shorts with this Chiffon Blouse. I wanted to keep it simple yet stylish, I just added a few accessories because I wanted my shorts to be the "center of attraction", and finished my look with these metallic pumps.

Chiffon Sleeveless Top: Pumpkin's Closet
Sequined Shorts: DIY 
Earrings: Chanel 
 Necklace: Secret Shop
Metallic Gold Pumps: Qupid 

So, what’s the hottest pair of shorts? It's the Sequin Shorts! It’s a much-welcomed twist on the traditional short - making for one hot, must-have item. This is the perfect pair of shorts to wear for a night out on the town and also if you’re going for the “all eyes on me” look that particular evening. They're also a great statement piece to wear with a party outfit! Sequin shorts are guaranteed to have you turning heads and breaking hearts so please ladies, try not to cause too much damage in these hot pants.  

The key to mastering this look is to wear black or colored tights underneath your shorts. Pair them with a silk or chiffon blouse, a boyfriend blazer and some sky-high booties or pumps. You’ll be looking hot!

xoxo ~ TSE

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