Saturday, March 03, 2012


Dress: Korean Brand
Earrings: Forever21
Belt: SM Accessories
Shoes: Shoesone

Wearing this classic look for a Saturday afternoon, sunny and a little bit windy day. I like this Stripes Dress because of its chiffon fabric and how it flows when the wind blows ( O di'ba it rhymes LOL!). I wore this while I was attending the Saturday anticipated mass, but I just added a cardigan because our church has a strict dresscode and I want to abide by the rules, or else I might get "sermon" by our strict parish priest (hehehe).
I just added this light blue belt for an added color so it won't make my dress look dull and I also wore this Dangling Pearl Earring. Yes! I also have mine because who wouldn't love this earrings, they are so sophisticated and I think Pearls can go along with any outfit too. Finally, I wore my shining, shimmering  and splendid shoes to add spark to my outfit. ~ xoxo TSE

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