Friday, March 23, 2012

Pampered with POSH!

Our lifestyles have been continuously changing for the past years and it is always shifted toward our school or working life. Some people are focused on succeeding in their careers, or earning more money, or simply enjoying the benefits that only a successful executive can get. But all of these hard work are taking their toll on your body. You are feeling more tired every day. It is about time that you give yourself a break from it all.  

Yesterday, It was such a pleasure being invited by Posh Nails Pampanga for a Spa Day Party. I met my new blogger friends Khai and Trix. Actually, they're younger than me, but age doesn't matter as long as I can relate, right?

Posh Nails Pampanga is located at the Second Floor, Waltermart Bldg., San Agustin, City of San Fernando, Pampanga.

If you are a kikay girl (like ME), then you'll definitely fall in love with Posh Nail's modern, relaxed, funky and girly ambiance. I love their pink and lilac combination, posh and cute pillows (that you almost wanted to take them home) and very comfy couches. A soothing music is being played, and the place is very quiet (Oops! did I say QUIET, so it means I have to lower down my voice while talking hehehe!). And at Posh Nails, you also feel  at home that you almost wanted to sleep. Well, as for me, I didn't fall asleep because I was enjoying my chat with trix. We have so many things to talk about.

This is the wax room and I love the bed it's very girly. Isn't it cute?

Posh Nails Pampanga is also selling Human Nature Products.

I think that Posh Nails Prices are very reasonable, you have to try it for yourself to see that it's really worth.

These are the treatment that they gave us, I chose the Pomegranate and I love its scent. By the way, this treatment is a combination of hand (which is arm already,and that's good) and foot scrub, massage, themed with manicure and pedicure.

At Posh Nails Pampanga, we won't only feel like a celebrity but we felt like a Princess as well. Their staffs are very friendly and accommodating and even gave us our free drinks choose what you want from coffee, iced tea, hot tea or water. 

I also love how their staff are well-trained. Posh Nail's staff are not in a hurry to finish their client's pedicure, manicure, etc. just to get more customers.

Looks like we really are enjoying and having fun. 

The place always has many clients but is never jam packed that you'd want to transfer to another nail spa. It just shows how good their services are that people keep coming back for more. 

POSH-ing with my new blogger friends Khai and Trix

At Posh Nails Pampanga, It really brings out the Kikay-ness in us. 

With Sig Garcia(Owner of Posh Nails Pampanga) and the new Posh Nails Endorsers Khai, Me and Trix(just kidding!hahaha)

Well, there is nothing more calming than having a soothing massage, spa , manicure and pedicure after a long day at work, school or simply a tiring event. Maybe, some may have all the time to go to a spa for a whole body massage, etc. but an on-the-go girl doesn’t always have the luxury of time. Thanks to Posh Nails Pampanga for offering undeniably calming services to make every kikay girl happy! 

Super Thank You to Tita Vinda and Sig for giving us this wonderful Spa Experience and for the Human Nature Products giveaway (I love it!) and to Allan for being our official photographer(hehehe). This experience is truly Awesome!

For more info and updates about Posh Nails Pampanga. Visit their site Facebook site here.

xoxo ~ TSE

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