Tuesday, March 06, 2012

The "Little" Blue Dress

Dress: Love NY
Accessories: Greenhills Bazaar 
Printed Tights: H&M 
Pink Quilted Clutch : From Red Market(Macau)
Pumps: Parisian

I know that the classic LBD or Little Black Dress, is always good to us. But the Fashion gods have spoken, and looks like the Little Blue Dress is on the rise too! I'm not really sure if what I'm wearing right now is a TOP or a Dress. Well, for a petite body type like me, I think I can wear it as a Dress. Don't worry I'm safe because I'm wearing a super short, shorts underneath(hahaha)and adding this yellow belt for an instant pop of color. I think that the color blue and yellow compliments each other (I just think, OK). I also wore this printed tights because I don't want to show-off my legs, since my Dress is super short already and also to let my legs do the "talking" err I mean "walking" (heheh). What I also like about my dress is the print on it which says I <3 NY (I Love New York). I'm dreaming of going there too someday. Unfortunately, when I had the chance to go to USA, I wasn't able to visit NYC because my vacation is almost over. Anyway, there's always another chance and next time, I won't miss it for sure. I'm going see the statue of Liberty and stroll down at Central Park and go shopping in Manhattan and Times Square. Well, i hope my dream will come true.

xoxo ~ TSE

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  1. The illusion of you NOT wearing any shorts underneath makes this outfit so irresistible. Combined with the black leggings and the stilettos, it makes your long, elegant legs look eve longer, and even sexier. I'm already in love with your feminine style. In several outfits you show off your nice legs in high heels. But this outfit is just the hottest and sexiest.