Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It's a SHORT story

"All for the Love of Sewing and Fashion"

Do-It-Myself High waist Shorts (part2). 
Summer is here and high waist shorts are IN! This is another must have on our wardrobe. I think that this kind of shorts fit most body types but you have to consider some pointers in choosing the right high-waist shorts that suit you. 

This one I made, I used the basic black fabric so I can easily pair it with any top. I spent 2days just to finished all my sewing projects including this(heheh), afterall the backaches and pricking my fingers with the needle... It's all worth it. :) 

The fit of high-waist shorts ranges from tight-fitted, pleated, and structured. High-waist shorts usually look good on petite girls (like ME! Yehey!!!) to make legs appear longer. 

Top: Jessica London
Shorts: DIY
Belt: SM Accessories
Bangles: Bazaar Finds
Pumps: BXGZ Shoes 

High-waist shorts are very versatile and can be worn in so many different ways and combinations. For a casual look, you can pair your loose shorts with soft fabric with a tank top or a loose shirt or a cropped top and finish the look with platforms or ballet flats. For a more sophisticated look, you can wear a ruffled top with your shorts and accessorize it with a belt and wear your fave pumps. 

xoxo ~ TSE

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