Friday, March 16, 2012

Stylist and HMU Artist for the day

Today, I'll be styling and doing my cousin's(Crisdel) hair and make-up. They'll be having their Senior's Night at St. Scho(Aww! I'm envious. I wish me too heheh! So sad I didn't experienced that when I was in highschool). Anyway, enough of my sentimento de potato hahaha! Since, I already know how to style myself, it's a challenged for me to style and make-over my cousin. Hopefully, I'll do it right(*fingers crossed*) and not look like she's ready for halloween(hahaha!). So, Goodluck to me.

Of course, I'm feeling like a make-up artist wanna-be... here's my tools for the operation(hahaha) ... Looks like i'm ready for my first victim (just kidding!)

Let's start the make-over

For her face, I started up with a Sephora smoothing face primer, then I used a light MAC foundation that matches her skin tone then followed up with a light dusting of translucent loose face powder from Bare Escentuals.

On her Eyes ~ I applied a light concealer from Sephora below her eyes and above the lid and blend well. Then, Neutrals and Brown eyeshadows from the Sephora Eyeshadow Pallete Collection are my best best for her eyes and a light blush also from Sephora on her cheeks, followed by a sheer red gloss for her lips.

Finally, here it is! (my victim) hahaha!
She's rockin' a Little Red Dress.
FYI: Red dress looks best on women with extremely pale or dark skin, but any woman with style savvy can carry off this color, as long she plays by the makeup rules.

O di'ba, I even influenced her to do emotera poses (LOL)

Red Dress from Wetseal

Vintage Italian Shoulder bag 
Pearl Dangling Earring from Forever21

Black Sheer Stockings from Hanes

Black Velvet Pumps  

Red is a color that speaks volumes about a woman's personality. Vibrant, dramatic and daring, the red dress might seem to enter the room before you do--particularly if your frock is a satiny evening affair. Choosing the right makeup for a red dress largely depends on your skin tone. However, when it comes to this color, you don't want to overdo it.

Since her dress clearly speaks for itself, I just used minimal accessories like this Dangling Pearl Earrings. I don't want it to clash or compete with what she's wearing. My ultimate goal here is to spotlight her face and of course her Red dress. Finally, I curled her hair a little to keep it simple and I finished her look by wearing black stockings and black pumps.

I'm glad, I've done it right. What do you think?
I always have fun when I style myself, but it's more fun for me when I style other people too. I get challenged and excited and it really brings out the creativity in me :)

xoxo ~ TSE

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