Thursday, March 22, 2012

Simplicity is WHITE

My passion for sewing, I was able to make my own little white dress. Oh! Yes, I did this!(hehehe).

Is WHITE the new BLACK? That's difficult to say, I know how attached we all are to our LBD's but it's time for a fresh new start! Try out this latest fashion trend: the LWD - also known as the little white dress! The biggest fear that women have of the little white dress, is how unflattering they feel that white may look. Contrary to popular belief, white can look just as slimming as black given the right shape, fit and even texture! 

White is fresh and bright, happy and perfect for updating a boring wardrobe. This color connotes innocence, liberty and purity (naks!). 

Because white is an automatic skin brightener, it works with every type of skin tone. 

How to Wear the LWD!

Here are some simple pointers for pulling off the perfect look with your little white dress!
Do find a dress that is form-fitting.
Do make sure that the dress is not see-through or sheer!
Do wear a nude bra and panty underneath.
Do keep the length age-appropriate!
Go bold on the accessories, jewelry and shoes! After all, you're wearing a clean slate!
Do keep away from sauces like spaghetti and meatballs!

White isn't SO scary when considering:
~ It's still a neutral
~ It's very easy to coordinate with other colors
~ You can look fresh and younger automatically
~ It's monochromatic 

With my look, I wanted to keep it simple because I wanted my white dress to be the center of attention, so I just wore this pearl earrings and this thin gold belt to accentuate my waist and finished off my look with this glitter pumps :) 

White Dress: DIY by TSE
Earrings: Forever21
Belt: SM Accessories
Glitter Pumps: Boutique

* Never wear white dresses to a wedding; it's the bride's special day so don't ruin her purity by wearing one too. Don't worry-your day has or will come...hopefully!

* Don't wear patterned, clear, or bright colored underwear!

* Be careful wearing white during your period. Leakages are very obvious!

* White tends to become see through if wet. While wearing a white dress, try to not to run through the sprinklers/fountains/etc.

* Don't pile on white after white after white. What I mean is, I like to see a little color mixed in with an LWD. Go for jewel-toned shoes or big statement jewelry; your white dress can handle it!
* Don't wear white shoes. Nudes are acceptable though.
* Don't wear hose. It's a very dated look. Keep your outfit fresh.
* Don't wear the wrong length. Keep in mind your age and the event!

That's it for White!Until then...

xoxo ~ TSE

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