Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Skull Chick

Skulls have taken over my fashion style and I don't know why I'm really digging skulls lately. Maybe, I was influenced by my son(Tam-tam) who really likes skull print in his clothes. I remember him asking me when I go shopping I'll buy him a skull shirt and shorts and bag. And now, I'm also into skulls(hahaha!).

I also got inspired by Alexander Mcqueen who lends his signature rock 'n' roll rebellion to his skull designs on clothes, bags and shoes.

No matter what genre of fashion you're talking about, you'd most likely find skulls somewhere in it and I think that no Hollywood Celebrity most likely who didn't have skulls in their closet, right? 

Sequined Skull Top: Secret Find 
Ripped Leggings: Dream Come True
Earrings: Accessorize  
Necklace and Bracelet: Tinkerbell Shop 
Silver metal Cuff: Genevieve Gozun  
 Leopard Pumps: Syrup by PRP 

In fashionspeak: SKULL is fun, flexible, easy and breezy!
What I liked about my LOOK is that this skull shirt is so easy to wear and it's also made of sequines which I can also wear during night out. I love how it sparkle! I paired it with this ripped leggins for a kinda rockstar/punk and edgy look. And this leopard Pumps to give it a feminine vibe. I really don't stick into one fashion style. I'd like to experiment on everything. 

Before, Skulls were used during holloweens or "it simultaneously refers to horror movies, to the Misfits and, by extension, all punk rock, and to a generalized culture of blackness and spookiness and the larger, mall-Goth culture." But now, Skull designs are insanely hot in the area of high end fashion around the globe. The wide skull craze can be seen anywhere from the hood to Hollywood. All the biggest celebs were seen rocking skull fashion and has also taken it's course into the runway. Thanks to Alexander Mcqueen who made Skull into a fashion trend.

I think, it doesn't really matter what Fashion style we dig for, as long as you know how to put your outfit together, and you feel confident about it then go for it! Afterall, Fashion is all about experiment, right? ~ xoxo TSE

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