Monday, March 05, 2012

Fashionista on a Budget

I made myself a PROMISE... A promise that this month I won't shop too much for clothes, shoes and accessories, since I still got tons of these sitting in my closet which I bought from the previous month. Not to mention those I also bought few years ago and those I also got from my mom and sister as "pasalubong" (present/gift) waiting for me to notice them (KSP-Kulang Sa Pansin) and begging me to wear them na (hehehe). Maybe you're wondering, am I sick or something?(hahaha). I think that taking this step is a form of a rehab for a shopaholic like me. And since, Lenten Season is fast approaching, this is the better time for me to make this form of Abstinence (so help me Jesus).

OK! I said I won't shop (too much), but I didn't say, I won't shop a "little" (hahaha). I admit, I really can't resist not going shopping especially when it's ON SALE and when I go to bazaars and everything is so affordable, right? I'm only human (born to make mistakes, LOL!) and temptations is there! I'm WEAK! Now, I challenged myself that I can shop but I have to stick to my budget. For Php 2,000.00 ($50.00), I must come up with a look from head to foot that is inexpensive but Fashionable. 

So, here's what I was able to pull-off and I think what I've bought are quite reasonable.

 I bought a polkadot top, a nude color skirt , belt, accessories and shoes.

My STYLE RULE when buying a Fashion item/s.
 I have to make sure that I can wear it in 5(five) or more different ways or occassions.
It's my way of being a Wise and Practical Shopper.
Like this cute top and skirt, I know I can wear them
over and over again, and mix and match it with my 
other clothes too.

What I like about this Top aside from it's color
 is that it has an Illusion of a Crop Top

Top ~ Php 350.00

There is also something soft and feminine about Nude tones
and it can easily be paired with any Top.

Nude colored Skirt ~ Php 300.00

Gold Skinny Belt ~  Php 150.00

Bangles ~ Php 300.00 

Ring ~ Php 100.00
I'm not really into ring before maybe because my fingers are so thin, but goodthing this one is adjustable so it fits my tiny li'l finger perfectly and it's affordable too.

And, my "favorite finds" of them ALL. These Coral Colored Pumps.
I fell inlove the moment I saw them. And guess what? I only got them for Php 800.00. Isn't that a wise bargain for these adorable pumps! What I like about this color is they're bright and fresh and ready for summer.

Finally, my last tweak!

See!!! My entire ensemble only costs me Php 2,000.00
This is really a "LOOK FOR LESS". I told you, I have a keen eye in  spotting Great Finds.

Top: Bazaar Finds
Skirt: Pink Couture
Belt: SM Accessories
Bangles: Bazaar Finds
Coral Pumps: BXGZ shoes

Being Fashionable doesn't always mean you have to break your wallet. Let's always face the fact that sometimes our economy is not always on the rise since there are moments of crisis. As such, prices go up and almost all commodities, particularly gasoline, food and clothes, are way beyond your budget. Therefore, you have to control your expenses especially when it comes to your shopping funds. 

And, I think that ALL of us can also be FASHIONABLE in our own ways, even if we have a little budget. It doesn't matter if your clothes , bags , shoes and accessories aren't expensive or branded, " just forget about the PRICE TAG". It's how you carry these things that makes you stand-out. As what I always say,

"It doesnt' matter what you wear
If you wear it with CONFIDENCE
People won't see your FASHION
but they'll see your PASSION"

xoxo ~ TSE

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