Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Look! NO Heels

Knitted Top : Josan Boutique
Tank Top : Forever 21
Skirt : People are people
Earrings : Vintage (from Tita Lou)
Bracelets : FYM 
Bag : Gucci
Heel-less Shoes : Mags

I've always wondered how heel-less shoes work and now that I got myself a pair, I can say that they are quite stable just like wearing a wedge shoes. Just don't forget your presence of mind that you are wearing one and don't lean back or else! Hahaha!

The moment I saw these shoes I immediately panicked hahaha! Because for a long time, I've always wanted one and you c

an only buy them online and it's MTO (Made-to-order) and you have to wait or another option is to ask my Mom to buy me in the US and wait until she comes home here in the Philippines (hahaha). But, I was lucky I found these already and don't have to wait anymore.

Isn't these shoes MAKE A STATEMENT? I chose black because it's a basic color and I can easily pair it with almost any outfit. I wanted to keep my look simple yet sexy so I just wore this Black tank top and skirt and I layered it with this knitted top and accessorize it in gold jewelries to make my whole look STAND OUT!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

TEAL Alert

Top : Josan's Boutique
Necklace : FYM Accessories
Belt : SM Accessories
Shorts : G Boutique
Bag : Pascale Crochon Paris
Heels : from HK

For the past few days I thought that I won't be able to blog anymore for the reason that I cannot upload photos on my site because I already exceeded my free storage. Honestly, I was not aware that Blogger has this policy and there's a certain quota and when you reached it you have to upgrade your storage. I thought it was forever free like any other blogsite (hahaha). I almost panic and felt so sad because I thought that all the hardwork and efforts that I have dedicated from my blog will be over. Good thing I have blogger friends Khai Nunag  and Kingsly Gonzales who were here to help me fix my blog site and now....  I'm back to my blogging world!

OK! Enough of my sentiments and let's go back to business shall we? On to my look, I kept my outfit simple with this Teal Top because it's already a one colour statement so I don't want to clash it. I paired it with a black high-waist shorts and cinch it with a belt to give emphasis on my waist. To keep it classy I accessorize it with a gold spike necklace and a mix of arm party bracelets. Then, I finished off my look with this shoes with a unique curve on the heel. Another addition to my shoe addiction (LOL!). 

* Super Thanks to my friends (Khai and Kingsly) for helping me out in fixing my blog site. I really appreciated all your efforts and I couldn't done it without you. Love yah both! I owe you two big time promise hehehe!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Sugar & Spice and everything Nice

Top : Earo
Skirt : from US
Earrings : Samau Boutique
Bracelets : YMS
Bag : from Japan Leather Bag
Wedge : Arsenal

I always have a keen eye when it comes to finding beautiful things. And when I found something I liked, I see to it that I won’t be having a second thought of not buying it, because if I will let go of it I might regret if it’s not available anymore and I will not be able to sleep hahaha! 
Anyway, I always love interesting pieces when it comes to fashion. As I always say “The weirder the better” (hahaha! just kidding!). I’m glad my family and friends were used to my fashion sense and when it comes to what I wore everyday, everything is normal for them in short “sanay na sila at wala ng magagawa pa!” LOL. Oh! Well this is ME what can I do. 

OK! enough of my chikadees and let’s talk about my look, I really can’t get enough of metallics, sequined and beaded numbers, but can you blame me? They are like the easy bake of dressing up. Like this top that I wore which has a cute padded studs on the shoulder and a sequined heart detail which instantly add that much needed oomph to my outfit. I paired it with this high-low skirt to add some sexy-ness and flirty-ness(hehehe). I call this my tinkerbell skirt with palikpik(Tail) at the back hahaha! I added a belt to cinch my waist and then accessorize it with these arm party bracelets and chandelier earrings. And for my final touch, I finished it off with these cutie wedge which has a quirky leopard print detail on the heel. I love it’s unique-ness which adds statement to my whole look. O di’ba shoes pa lang killer na hahaha! Again, goodluck to me hahaha!