Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oversized in Glittery Gold

Sweater : Sag Harbor
Necklace : Samau Boutique
Belt : SM Accessories
Wedge : Shiekh

Sometimes we tend to ignore this Oversized Sweaters but when done the right way they can be as super trendy and fashion forward. The key is making sure that you don't look shapeless from head to toe.

 found this Over-sized Sweater again buried in my closet. I ignored it because I thought it won't make any fashion statement and it's too big for me. Then, I came up with a DIY idea and transformed it into something Fashionably Chic. What's great about Over-sized Sweaters is that they are super comfy and versatile. They are offered in tons and different colors and styles and most importantly, they work well with any body type. I like the color of the my sweater and it's sparkly texture which I think will suits best if worn during the night. It's still a bit big for me so what I did is that I Belted it! And it looked like I am wearing a dress. I think that it's also best when worn with leggings and boots. I added a chunky necklace for a statement piece. And finished it off with this cutie heel with gold buckle and heart details. And that's it! Since, Christmas is quickly approaching we will be needing a lot of sweaters to keep us warm during this cold season :)

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  1. the belt was a nice addition to make the outfit look polished :D