Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Look! NO Heels

Knitted Top : Josan Boutique
Tank Top : Forever 21
Skirt : People are people
Earrings : Vintage (from Tita Lou)
Bracelets : FYM 
Bag : Gucci
Heel-less Shoes : Mags

I've always wondered how heel-less shoes work and now that I got myself a pair, I can say that they are quite stable just like wearing a wedge shoes. Just don't forget your presence of mind that you are wearing one and don't lean back or else! Hahaha!

The moment I saw these shoes I immediately panicked hahaha! Because for a long time, I've always wanted one and you c

an only buy them online and it's MTO (Made-to-order) and you have to wait or another option is to ask my Mom to buy me in the US and wait until she comes home here in the Philippines (hahaha). But, I was lucky I found these already and don't have to wait anymore.

Isn't these shoes MAKE A STATEMENT? I chose black because it's a basic color and I can easily pair it with almost any outfit. I wanted to keep my look simple yet sexy so I just wore this Black tank top and skirt and I layered it with this knitted top and accessorize it in gold jewelries to make my whole look STAND OUT!

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