Monday, November 19, 2012

Emer Carreon Fashion Show

I was so thrilled last Saturday (November 17, 2012) to have witnessed a fashion show which feature another great fashion designer in our very own province and showcases its one-of-a-kind craft and his successful 20 years in fashion designing. I'm lucky to have experienced this extravagant show by Emer Carreon who is known for making unique clothes that have detachable and mix-and-match features, so they can be very versatile and can be worn in different ways and occasions and of course getting your money's worth. I was with my friend Dalsa Hizon who was one of the models at the fashion show and also with us is her friend Amelyn Veloso of ABC Channel 5. Before the show, the three of us were joking that we were her (Dalsa's) bonggabells Personal Assistant in short P.A./Julalay hahaha sosyal na julalay! Anyway, the moment we arrived at the venue, we spotted a limousine car and we thought that it was one of the VIP guest, but apparently, it was part of the show and the usherettes assisted us in the car and we arrived riding the limo. Isn't that bonggacious? 

Well, here are some of the photos I got from the show. Enjoy!
 here I am in my solo flight photo. I'm feeling how it is to be inside the limo(hahaha!)

With Amelyn 

Fabulous cake 

Sumptuous  h'orderves

Backstage Pass 

With the Man of the hour Mr. Emer Carreon. I'm lucky enough to have snatched some photos with him before the show was about to start.

Photo of again with Mr. Emer Carreon and my friend Marissa Marquez (Woodgrove Park's Sales Director) 

Models making their final touches 

Enjoying our drinks (Me, Amelyn and Dalsa) 

Goofing around with these topless Angels (LOL!) 

Borrowed one of the model's wings hahaha!

The fluffy trio comparing their boleros hehehe! 


Fire Dancers opened-up the show 

And, for the FINALE

The Fashion Show was so fabulous and the experience was truly one-of-a-kind. I would like to Congratulate Mr. Emer Carreon and the whole production crew for a very successful show. The show was nothing but surprising and it was just unbelievable. It was really an Exaggerating Experience for us who have witnessed it.
You did a great job and I wish you more wonderful years in the Fashion industry!

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