Monday, November 12, 2012

Zip it up!

Dress : Fendi
Jewels : White Gold
Heels : Forever 21

Last week, I met up with my co-bloggers Khai and Erese to talk about our up coming set of activities and if you're from Pampanga probably this place looks familiar to you right?  Anyway, after our meeting of course it wouldn't be complete without taking some outfit shots #bloggersduty , I know that it takes a lot of guts and challenge to take some photos in public especially when the "madlang people" are staring at you. But, for us bloggers our motto is "who cares, care bears!" Hahaha! Anyway, we just pretended that we're the only people there so Go lang ng Go and Pose lang ng Pose! As we were snapping some photos, we spotted this cutie 3 month old Shih Tzu and we asked the owner if we could take some photos with her and he let us so we wouldn't let this photo op to pass without taking some shots with this adorable puppy. I'm not really fond of dogs because when I was little I had a trauma. I was scratched while I was biking and good thing it was just minor but after that whenever a dog comes near me or try to lick me I get scared. But, this puppy is so kind so I think I can handle her and she doesn't lick me (heheh).

Anyway, on to my ootd, I wore this zip front dress because it's very versatile, sleek and sophisticated. It's so comfortable and easy to wear especially when you're in hurry. I think that the exposed zip is a great way of adding edge to this plain dress. I just paired it with simple jewelries in white gold for a touch of class and then finished it of with this chunky heels.

Obviously, Me and Khai were always the last one to finished with our outfit shots and we don't understand why. We always enjoyed taking photos and giggling whenever we captured nice ones.

And that's it for now! Until my next post :)

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