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PFB "Haute Halloween" Fashion Show X Maligaya 168 Shopping Center

Well, Hello Again! As I promised from my previous blogs here are some of the photos taken from our event The "Haute Halloween" Fashion Show in collaboration with Maligaya 168 Shopping Center last October 27, 2012. It was a very special day for us "The Pampanga Fashion Bloggers" as we formally launched our group and also our first public appearance in our province. This fashion show features some of the most popular boutiques in Maligaya 168 Shopping Center which is styled by us. I cannot exactly explain how I felt during the fashion show although this is my second time to do it but I can still feel the nervousness and excitement. I was the first to come out on the show and when I saw the crowd cheering I felt like OMG! This is it! and my heart started beating. I was so thrilled and I felt I'm in a state of euphoria the moment I walked down the runway. My feeling is really unexplainable and I know that my co-bloggers felt the same way too.

Anyway, here are some of the shots from the show which I got from our photographers.

My first outfit by Sam-Au Boutique

I wore a Polkadot Corset Top and I paired it with a Red Crop Pants. Although, color red is not really usual on the clothes I used to wear, I wanted to give it a try for change and besides Christmas is getting nearer so we will see a lot of clothes in this color during this season. I added a belt to accentuate my figure and for a class of sophistication I accessorize it with a pearl dangling earrings and also with pearl and gold bracelets. And finally, I wore this black chunky heels . 

Earrings : Forever 21
Belt : SM Accessories
Heels : Forever 21

My second outfit by Pink Balloons Boutique

I wore this Peach Top and I paired it with a Grey Bandage Skirt. My top is kinda loose on me so what I did is that I tucked it in from my skirt because it kinda bubble when you leave it loose. The good thing is that since the skirt is fitted and it flattened my top. I also added a thin nude belt to cinch my waist. I accessorize it with a chunky necklace and this gold spike bracelet. And finished it off with this color block heels.

Necklace : Bazaar finds
Spike Bracelet : Sam-Au Boutique
Heels : Sole Desire

My Third outfit by Charmaigne Joy and God Win Boutiques

I wore this Mullet Dress. I chose it because the dress is so easy to style and you do not need a lot of accessories on it. It's very feminine and sexy because it is short on the front and long at the back. I just added this belt and pearl dangling earrings for a touch of elegance and class.

My Fourth outfit by Miblas Boutique

I wore a Maxi Dress because I'm always a fan of them and forever I will be. Some say that if you are petite(like ME) Maxi Dress tend to make you shorter but my trick is that I wore a wedge shoes to add inches to my height. See! Now I look taller(heheh). And what I also love about Maxi Dresses is that it's an easily throw on outfit that you can always wear everyday. Not only they are comfortable they are so super easy to put together and effortlessly chic. 

And for my Final Outfit... My Personal Style

My peg is ala Carrie Bradshow lang naman!Hahaha. The moment I saw this dress from a shop it looks similarly like the Halston White dress that Carrie wore on the Sex and the City 2 movie although mine is in color purple. It was the last piece and my it's my size pa! And I told myself, I have to get it because I was looking for this kind of dress for a long time and luckily I found one. I'm supposed to wear this dress on my friends wedding on December but I can't wait already and I chose to wear it on the fashion show instead. Anyway, I'll just look for a new dress to wear on the wedding heheh! The dress is very feminine and sophisticated which is always my style. What I just added is some gold accessories and a belt. And then finished it off with this classy color block heels that matches my outfit.

Here are also some of the photos of what happened on the runway and with my co-bloggers.

Cat Walk

Khai Nunag http://khai.co.nr/

Hosted by Dalsa Hizon 

Participating Maligaya 168 Boutiques Owners

Sam-Au Boutique


Josie Ukay Ukay

Pink Balloons Boutique
Charmaigne Joy and God Win Boutiques
Miblas Boutique

Lesson I've learned from this fashion show is that FASHION isn't about wearing expensive clothes. You just need to be resourceful and creative and try to experiment and have fun. It doesn't matter if what you wear is branded or not, what matters is how you carry it with CONFIDENCE! And Thank You to Maligaya 168 Shopping Center for bringing the most trendy and stylish clothes from the metro into our very own province.

Lastly, this event will not be made possible without the help and support of our sponsors

Event Sponsors:

Coca Cola

The Flower Garden

Posh Nails Pampanga

Bloomers Party Services 
Quirkypedia accessories
Phyto Pharma Pampanga
Maligaya 168 Shopping and Pasalubong Center
Bap's Backdoor Grill

Official Photographers:

Anson Ong

Brian Ordonez

Myro Lacsamana
Harry Rico

Media Partners:

Bright FM 91.9- Lifestyle, Showbiz, Atbp

RW 95

I, together with my co-bloggers would like to thank everyone who came and supported our fashion show. And Super thank you to Maligaya 168 Shopping Center for trusting us with this project and hope to do more collaborations with you.

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