Sunday, November 11, 2012

NEON is the New BLACK!

Tee : Atmosphere
Skirt : Tommy Hilfiger
Necklace : Bazaar Finds
Bracelets : Samau Boutique / DIY
Satchel : Shoppe Unli
Sneakers : Popular

 If we take even a quick glance everywhere, the undeniable presence of NEON is glowingly apparent. In the 80's , the desire to dress up in a manner resembling a glow-stick was not avant-garde. It was IN. Now
, NEON is back!

Notice that I'm not wearing heels for this look. For the first time in my fashion history(LOL!), I gave my feet a break. If only my feet could speak probably it will say "HAY!Thank Goodness!" hahaha!... Honestly, I'm really about to wear heels with this outfit but when I saw this neon sneakers from my son(Tam-tam) I snatched them for a while and look how they matches my outfit so perfectly. It's been a long time since I wore sneakers. I only have 1 pair of sneakers and it's stocked in the shoe cabinet versus the hundreds of heels that I have. So, when I wore this one I felt so unusual. One thing more, I was hiding from Tan-tan while I'm taking some shots because he might tease me(hahaha!). Well, this is my "feeling teenager lang ang japorms" LOL! With my color so shocking bright, I'm to far off to be run over by cars. Instant reflector na din ang peg! Hahaha! What's also great about NEON colors is that they added an edge and bold appeal to any look.

With my OOTD, I just wore a statement Tee and paired it with a pleated skirt. I also played it bold and colorful accessories and finished it off with this shocking yellow sneakers. And, there you have it!