Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Color my day

 Summer is already in full swing and with that comes summer trendy fashion. This is the perfect time to consider adding pop of colors to our wardrobe.

As we slowly melt down through the dog days of summer, wearing bright and pastel colored outfits are much more comfortable than wearing dark blues, black and brown as heat tends to absorb this color. So, for the meantime we can keep those dark colored outfits in our closet.

Top: from Bazaar Finds
Shorts: G-boutique 
Hair: Goody Simple Style Bun Spiral
 Belt: SM Dept. Store  
Shoulder Bag: YSL Vintage 
 Earrings: Subic Duty Free
Shoes: Boutique 

Summer season is all about wearing beautiful patterns and wearing vibrant pastel or colored clothes. Dressing up for summer season is all about having a carefree, yet stylish and most of all comfortable look.

Just always remember to have fun with what you're wearing so you can pull off a stylish look!

xoxo ~ TSE :)