Friday, April 13, 2012

Dots and Tutu

The temperature heats up and  I wanna wear this tutu tulle
This ballerina-inspired trend is all about embracing femininity to the fullest.

Top: Bershka 
Tulle Skirt: B+AB
Belt: from Zhuhai Mall China
Pumps: Parisian 

Seriously... I'm wearing this outfit while in the house (except for the shoes of course! I just wore them for pictorial) and while making my DIY projects. I'm so happy, I was able to accomplished a lot of things from my feather earrings, necklace and this Pearl Chain Tassel earrings I'm wearing. So, today, this is my pambahay look. I know right, I'm so "lantong" (obvious ba?) hehehe... The heat is so insane! If only I could wear swimsuit around the house the wholeday or else my kids will ask me " where u goin' swimming mama?" (LOL!). Actually, while wearing this outfit, they asked me " Where you goin' mama?"... and I said "here!" hahaha... Anyway, I just wanted to wear this, and you do not really need special occasions to look good, right? I wanted to be glamourous even inside the house lang...and besides, it's our 10th Year Anniv. pala... Why not? hehehe :)

xoxo ~ TSE

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