Monday, April 16, 2012

Revenge of the Tigress

 Due to animal print’s eternal popularity among women and men alike, most fashion addicts realize that animal print is no longer a “trend,” as lace or bursts of floral have been in past seasons. Animal print has evolved into a fashion staple and a classic, which is now beginning to function as neutrals have.

“When you wear any animal-print piece, you’re telling the world — in a good way — that you’re a little wild,” 

Chiffon Top: Pumpkin's Closet 
Shorts: Forever21(Pants altered into Shorts)
Feather Earrings: Tops and Totes 
Belt: SM Accessories
Pumps: Venus 

While leopard print has been ever increasing in popularity, New York Fashion Week has suddenly provided a fresh alternative and it's the Tiger Print!

As we all know, Animal prints are a fashion statement of its own. It can instantly make your outfit look fun and flirty.

Today's Look, this is actually a pants which I altered and transformed it into a shorts. I don't think I can carry the tiger print pants, I might be sent out to the jungle or zoo immediately (LOL!). Well, since it's summer and hot! making this pants into a shorts is even better. And that's what I love about sewing, when I want to change something about my outfit it's so easy for me. It’s always good to think of ways to reinvent/alter clothes you don’t like so you can wear them again. It's a matter of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, Right? :)

xoxo ~ TSE :)

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