Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My DIY Projects: Tassel and Feather Earrings, Gold Fringe Necklace

Aside from sewing my own clothes, when I'm not doing anything I also make my own jewelries/accessories. I know that it takes a lot of patience to do this things, but when you see tutorials on how they make them, it's so easy. I love to watch DIY projects and when I get the idea on how to make these accessories, I make my own version of it. Lately, I've been seeing a lot of celebrities and fashion bloggers wearing tassel and feather earrings and fringe necklaces. And I just thought, I can make that too. So, I rushed into the craft store and quickly bought my materials. 

This is my version of the Tassel and Feather Earrings and Fringe Necklace Trend.

Project No.1
Tassel Earrings 

Materials: 1.Tassels 2.Pliers 3.Fish Hooks(earring ends) 4.Buttons(optional) 5.Crown ends

At work... I'm so serious (LOL!)

Tassel Earrings ~ These swingy accessories are elegant and fun and full of whimsy.

my black tassel earrings

Tassels are a fabulous, fun, whimsical trend that give a subtle retro '70s feel. It's a different kind of accent to shake up an outfit. If you're feeling bold and experimental, go with long tassel earrings or if you want to be more subtle, go with shorter lengths for the tassel of the earrings.

Project No.2
Feather Earrings
Feather earrings are not just for Hippies anymore. It’s not that feathers were never popular before, because they were, but now they’re brighter, bigger, and more decorative than ever! 

This is what you’ll need: 
1. Feathers 2. Scissors 3. Wire cutters 4. Wire 5. Earring hooks

Making feather earrings is fun and easier than you think! 

 From the runway, red carpet and on the street 
the bird isn't the word but FEATHERS is.

The best thing about feathers is that they can really pull a look together and anyone can rock it! You can go bold with pieces that flow languidly down to the neck or wear them short. Either way creating a showstopping look that also accentuates your hairstyle
these delicate nature inspired feathery wisps add a certain  chic, classic and feminine touch complementing any style.

Project No.3
Fringe Chain Necklace
Chain fringe is slightly rock n' roll, slightly ethereal and completely cool.
It's also another hot trend and definitely giving off some of that 80's vibe, but more up to date.

Materials: 1.Wide Metal Cable or Loop Chains 2.Pliers 3.Lobster Claw Clasp and "O" ring for closure

How to do it: Measure chain on your neck. Cut it to your desired width. Cut another small chains on the length that you want and attached it to the other chain for you neck. Make an allowance for about 3 loops for the smaller chains. When you're done with your fringe, attached the clasp to the chain with an "O" ring. And that's it! Your necklace is complete.

Here's my Finished Product!

The fringe trend can also be swung around your neck. Fringe necklaces are made out of everything from leather to jersey to linked chains.

This is my version of a Fringe Chain Necklace.

So, there you have it! I Hope you like my Do-It-Myself Accessories Projects. I'm really having fun when I do these things. Maybe because my passion is there. It's really All for the love of Fashion. And lastly, just don't forget that... No matter how you wear these trends, just have fun and enjoy... It's how you carry them anyway! Until next time :)

xoxo ~ TSE

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