Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DIY: Envelope Clutch

Throw your necessities in, tuck it under your arm, and you're out the door. For the girl constantly on the go, the envelope clutch is the new go-to bag for that "effortless" look everyone's always talking about.

I had this Tiger Print pants from Forever21, It's a little big for me although the size is small already. I don't think I can carry wearing this pants it's kinda hot because it has a velvet-y texture. Since, it's summer already, I just thought of altering it into a shorts.

Now, I had this excess fabric. I'm not sure what to do with it. At first, I thought of making a throw pillow but I just had an idea of making it into an envelope clutch instead.

Okay! Let's start my DIY project

Excess Fabric from Pants, Black Fabric for Lining, Fabric Board for Pattern, Cute Buttons(for embellishments)

Cut your pattern to your desired size of your envelope clutch

Sew the pieces together. The Black Fabric will serve as your lining. I put a small pouch inside which I can use as a cellphone or key holder, etc.

Once sewn, this is how it will look like inside.

Back part of the envelope clutch.

When folded together.

Last minute, something went wrong with my sewing machine and it doesn't want to stitch and I don't know why?, so I have no choice but to sew this envelope clutch by hand. After pricking my fingers so many times, I was able to finished it.

Sewing my final touches by adding this cute buttons for an added effect.

My "Tiger Print" pants I altered into shorts. Now, this is the excess fabric. 

Finally... my Finished Product!

Trend Alert! ENVELOPE CLUTCH  - it's bloody genius! I love how it's so edgy, yet chic & the bigger the better! 

While we will always be into the big, designer carry-alls, we're a little sick of digging for five minutes just to find our cell phone! That's why we couldn't be happier about the chic envelope clutches that are making a major statement this season. Slim, colorful, easy to carry - the envelope purse is a perfect companion for your day and even night out!

So, that's it for my DIY Envelope Clutch.

Hope you like it! Until then....

xoxo ~ TSE :)

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