Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Race to Lace

Oops! I accidentally hit my knee somewhere so I had a bruise! Clumsy-ness (lol)

Lace Top : Cherry Lane
Skirt : Forever21
Belt : Korean Brand
Accessories : from my mom
Clutch : DIY
Pumps : Aldo

Perennially pretty, undeniably feminine, lace has been the epitome of ladylike grace since great grandmas set out doilies under teacakes. 

What's also great about lace is that anyone can wear it - it's delicate and re
fined for those who struggle with over-the-top or outlandish fashion, and it's sexy for those who get tired of the shapeless, boxy silhouettes that can sometimes dominate couture trends. In a nutshell, lace offers something sexy, stylish, elegant, and womanly for every fashionista out there.

One good thing about Lace is that it's one of those things that can save you money, because you can incorporate it into last year's wardrobe. Once you do that, you've got a fresh, new, on-trend arsenal of fall-fashionable clothing without breaking the bank on a whole new wardrobe.

With my look, I love my lace top and skirt combo. It's very sexy and elegant. I added pearls and gold jewelries again for a more sophisticated look. I added an orange belt to cinch my waist. I love the gold leopard detail into it matches my DIY animal print clutch. Then, I finished it off with my black pumps.

And, there you have it! Hope you like my look. Until my next blog!


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  2. Absolutely love your lace dress! I agree lace definitely gives the sweetness and classic feel talaga. I accidentally wrote up my comment for your accessory holder on this post so I deleted it and re-wrote it on the right post na. hehe.