Tuesday, September 04, 2012

DIY: Envelope Clutch (Part 2)

ENVELOPE CLUTCH are great! They pretty up any outfit while safely housing your essentials inside.

Here's another DIY project on how to make your own envelope clutch. This is my second time making it and I'll still be making more in different designs. It's so easy even you can do it. Just be patient and be creative and follow my simple tutorial.  I really can't get enough of my DIY projects and I have a lot of them coming soon!!!

OK! Enough of my blah-blahs! Let's start!

Materials that you will need:
Fabric Board
You can buy this at the fabric shop or Crafts Store 

Cute Printed Fabrics 

Pencil, Tape Measure, Needle, Thread and Scissors

Sewing Machine

Step 1 : Make a pattern using the Fabric Board. You will need this in between the fabric to stiffen it up.

Step 2 : Measure the Fabric Board depending on how big you want your envelope to be.
(Mine is 13inches x 9inches) 

Step 3 : Make a triangle shape approx. 9inches. This will be your envelope flap.

Step 4 : Attached the triangle fabric board to the rectangular fabric board by sewing them together. 

Step 5 : Once sewn you can now cut your fabric. This will be the outer cover of your clutch. 

Step 6 : Cut another fabric for your lining. 

Step 7 : Sew the the lining to the fabric board 

Step 8 : I added a small pouch inside where you can put your cellphone, etc. 

Step 9 : Once you finished sewing the small pouch and lining, you can now add the outer cover of the clutch. Then, sew the two sides together to meet the hemmed opening as shown. 

Step 10 : Stitch the outer edge of the envelope flap. 

Keep the clutch's flap in place by adding a bit of velcro, a popper, button or perhaps even a magnet clasp.

There you have it! You're own Fashionable Envelope Clutch! 

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